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Why do sanctuary cities think think they have the right to break the law? 

I know they get MSM support but isn’t the law the law? What gives them the right to decide what laws to follow, especially since they enforce the laws of their city?
How come in polls 80% of the American people think sanctuary cities are wrong, yet the politicians get reelected and the MSM makes it seem they are noble?
Now just watch the outcry if and when the administration follows through on cutting funding to them since they won’t comply. You will see outcries of anger. You will see people who are suffering because of the mean administration. You will see lawsuits and sympathetic judges. The MSM will try what Mika said yesterday, “control what people think”.
If you failed to pay your taxes to a sanctuary city they would seize your assets. Why is alright for them to enforce their law and make life tough, but not for the federal government to them?

Why is Mexico so angry at us?

Here’s the opening of a WSJ story today:
“Top U.S. officials arrived for talks in Mexico City to find a defiant Mexican government refusing to accept President Donald Trump’s tougher immigration and deportation policies”.
Why does Mexico think we don’t have a right to control our borders?
Don’t they control their borders?
Why do they think we don’t have a right to return people who came here illegally?
Why are they so angry if we want to build a wall on our land? I get they don’t want to pay for it, but it’s “an insult” that we want to build it? In our own country, on our own land?
On the other side why is the administration insisting on sending illegals to Mexico that are citizens of other countries like El Salvador?

A Boycott Update:

Remember when we told you of the NOW boycott of Wegman’s Supermarket because they carried some Trump wines? Well Wegmans made it clear the products they carried was based upon consumer demand. Guess what? The Trump wines are flying off the shelf.
And we all heard and read how the Ivanka line was being dropped by retailer after retailer right? The Washington Post reports this:
“While a number of retailers decided not to carry Ivanka Trump-branded merchandise because of concerns about boycotts and becoming embroiled in political controversy, on Amazon, her brand of perfume “suddenly jumped to the top spot on the list of the online retailer’s best-selling fragrances”.
Let me know when we hear either of these on the MSM.

Remember the Philadelphia Soda Tax?

Longer term readers may remember when Philadelphia enacted it’s 1.5 cents per ounce tax on beverages (.96 cents per 2 Liter bottle). The tax was set to go into effect January 2017.
Philadelphia’s politicians predicted a revenue windfall of $92 million dollars. All of it they said would go to fund a pre-K program.

We warned on a few things. First, that other areas would see what they perceived as a revenue opportunity and try to follow suit. It came up in NYC a few times.

Second that it would not work. We thought all it would do is reduce sales, cost jobs and create a revenue shortfall. People we said, would either stop buying beverages in Philadelphia, or drink something else.

Two months into implementation and the results are coming in. Ready?
– First, revenue is no where near the $7.6M per month they predicted.
– Month one was $2.3M. A revenue shortfall of $5.3 million.
– Distributors like Delaware Bottlers (20% mark share) said sales were down 45% in Philadelphia.
– Thus they announced they are laying off 20% of their workforce the first week of March.
– The owner of Shop Rite stores in Philadelphia also announced plans for job cuts to come.
– By the way sales were up 20% in the suburbs without the tax.
What’s the reaction of the Mayor (Democrat Jim Kenney)? He blames the “greedy soda companies”.

This was so easy to call, yet the liberal politicians in Philadelphia still don’t get it. There was “greed” alright, but it was from the Mayor and city legislation. The intolerable left will never get it. They think they have a right to your earned dollars more than you.

And by the way the Democratic leaders and legislators in Philadelphia had no hesitation enacting a tax that impacted minorities and the poorer among then the most. Remember that the next time they yell that lowering income taxes is unfair to low income individuals and the poor.

Did you see this story on the MSM? This is real upheaval, not some of the stuff they have been carrying. Here’s a link to one story. You can also check for more.

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