Is Trump threatening free press?

Is Donald Trump threatening free press as the left seems to claim or is his claim of a biased media right? Here’s our view:

First let us acknowledge, again, that Trump feeds the media too much material. He knows that they love getting him and will play anything up, yet he continues to feed them. The example on Saturday with Sweden is a perfect one. He had this wonderful rally going coming off the press conference where he went after the press. People came out to show their support and it was going so well. Then he goes off script and mentions Sweden “last night”. Like so many others we immediately wondered what we missed. A terrorist attack in Sweden? What happened? The answer was he watched a TV show and heard Sweden was having issues with immigrants. So off script he didn’t say, “I saw a discussion on Sweden last night that …”. He skipped key words and said “look what happened in Sweden last night”. He feed the media.

Then when attacked by them he fought back and referenced the show allowing the media to extend coverage for days. So his off script comments and undisciplined tweeting have feed their desire to paint him a certain way. He owns that.

Now on the other side is the question if the media is biased. They deny it and claim they need to be independent and present the facts to the people so that they are fully informed.

Okay so let’s look at last week and see if the press fully informed the public adequately:

  1. Let’s start with an individual assessment. Do you think Obama got the same coverage, questioning and treatment as Trump is getting?
    We don’t.

    Now think about what they public thinks and what is real. If the press were truly doing their job wouldn’t the public be informed?
  2. Most people in America think that the travel ban was Muslim based.
    Yet no where in it did it say Muslim. It was country based.
    How could the people be so wrong if the press were fairly reporting? 
  3. When ICE was doing their job last week and deporting illegal criminals it was only what Obama was doing before. (That may change in the future, but not last week). You know that, but what does the average American think was happening?
    The press covered it as if Trump was going after everyone. As we shared even the NYT called it an average week.
    Rasmussen poling yesterday reported this: “Voters have long complained that President Obama was not sending illegal immigrants home fast enough. Now with President Trump in office, they’re worried that too many people are being deported”. How could they get that impression?
    If the press was covering this fairly would the public be so misinformed?
  4. How many people have heard that Trump’s team had and continue to have connections to Russia? A majority still believe it.
    The implication is that it is bad and there is something going on. How many know that even the NYT story said there is no evidence of wrongdoing? That there was no evidence of any collusion  prior to the election.
    Wouldn’t they all know that if the press were doing their job?
  5. How many know that the FBI said that fired General Flynn did nothing wrong? Most think he was fired for talking illegally to the Russians.
    Wouldn’t a fair press have let them know that? 

    If the media were doing what they say they are, then the public would not be so misinformed would they? Do they think the public just doesn’t understand what they are saying or misinterpreting? The truth is the media has an agenda even if they don’t recognize or acknowledge it.
    It is evident in story after story the press presents with enthusiasm, in a convicting tone, with facial expressions and headline grabbing assertions negative to the administration. They do it because they share the anger of an election loss and the reversal of past administrative positioning.Bill O’Reilly ran a segment on media bias that brought out the personal views of the MSM. If you didn’t see it we included a link here. Watch how when he confronts press defender Marianne Marsh to name any conservative presence on first CBS, then NBC, ABC, and finally CNN and MSNBC. She is in shock, almost panic trying to do it. Now just think if we were asked to name the liberals on those stations. It wouldn’t be issue would it.
    Is there bias? You have your answer.

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