A New Week ….

We expect more of the same this week. At some point(s) Trump will shoot off a tweet or say something that will have everyone shaking their head. Then the media sensing an opportunity will go overboard in their criticism and cause a backlash.

A few stories from yesterday to share in case you missed them.

Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade Dies.

Norma Lea McCorvey was her name and she was the “Jane Roe” behind Roe v Wade. She passed away at age 69. Now did you know this about her?

Did you know she converted and was part of the anti abortion movement? This fact never got much cover in the MSM, but yes the poster child for abortion rights -became the poster child for the pro-life movement.

She was 22 years old at the time of the abortion case and had already had two children. She gave the first one up for adoption and the second to her Mom, who was an alcoholic. In the third pregnancy she claimed she was raped. A charge later in life she said was a lie. Her case by the way dragged out for years and she had the baby but gave it up for adoption. The baby was two and half when the case was decided. She worked in an abortion clinic.
In 1995 she had a conversion and became a Christian. She denounced abortions and became an advocate and spokesperson for the anti abortion movement.

The Wade in the case was Henry Wade who was the District Attorney for Dallas.

Masterminded of 1993 World Trade Center bombing dead.

Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind cleric who masterminded the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, died Saturday in a federal prison hospital. He was serving a life sentence for plotting terror. His act was a prelude to the 2001 WTC attack.

This guy was a leader in the terrorist activity we see today. He was convicted in 1996 of planning “a war of urban terrorism”. He was targeting NYC city landmarks including the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, the United Nations, the George Washington Bridge and FBI headquarters.

He said “America will go and be withered and this civilization will be destroyed, Nothing will remain. We will not kneel.”
Check his background in light of what we know today and the immigration issues we are arguing:
He is considered the spiritual leader of the militant Egyptian movement Al-Gama’a al-Islamiya, which was behind violent attacks in Egypt. He issued a fatwa that resulted in the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981 by Egyptian Islamic Jihad. That act was after Sadat signed a peace agreement with Isreal and changed everything in the area.

He was eventually acquitted of Sadat’s murder but expelled from Egypt, and made his way to Afghanistan in the 1980s. There, he joined the mujahideen crusade against Russian forces, and befriended other Islamist radicals, including al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. One of his sons became a close associate of Bin laden.

Later, he traveled to New York on a tourist visa and managed to secure a green card, despite being on a terrorist watch list. Think about that.

There is more but you get the idea. There doesn’t appear to be any reasoning with these people and the only solution I see is in Reagan’s words. “We win, they lose”. The sooner the better.

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