And Trump Attacks ….

It was another “never seen before” event for me with the press conference. I’ve watched press conferences since they held and this was one for ages. The analysis is easy.

If you’re a Trumper he was awesome and beat the media like a rag doll.
If you’re a never Trumper, he was arrogant, unknowledgeable and deplorable.

FoxNews and FoxBusiness covered at length and gave Trump high marks. They felt he took the press on eyeball to eyeball and beat them like a drum. He did it for 78 minutes.

If you were the rest of the MSM you were anti Trump and attacked.
Here’s the CNN web site seven hours after the conference:
“Trump Lashes Out” is the headline.
The lead reporter Jake Tapper: “Trump’s presser was unhinged”
CNN Opinion: Trump’s performance fuels worry about his presidency                             going off the rails.

On the MSNBC web page the same. Their lead reporter Chuck Todd ”                        “Trump’s Anti-Media Stance Not Playing Well”
(Editor’s note. Todd is host of Meet The Press. Trump’s show yesterday was Beat The Press)

The nightly news ABC, CBS and NBC saw it the same. Trump not seeing reality and denying things. No doubt the AM shows today will be the same.

No need for us to go further, it was as you could have predicted.

We think Trump did himself well with those who watched it or take the time to see it. He placed the emphasis on the leakers and their breaking the law. Why does the MSM not care about this? Trump repeated again and again he had no relationship with Russia. Where, we ask again, is the proof? And what are you accusing the Trump administration of doing with Russia? Even the FBI said there is nothing to charge Flynn with.

Trump’s best zinger to the media was when he said to them “you have lower ratings than congress”. The public does not like congress, but they do hate the media!

We were thinking today about all the hoopla about Russia and though we still can’t determine what they think Trump is doing with them another thought hit us. Does the media realize that ISIS is out there and wants to kill us? Do they know Iran is developing a bomb and has a US agreement that allows them to do it over time? Do they realize North Korea is firing ballistic missiles? There are real issues that Obama left behind that they should concentrating on.

Finally, the media and their friends would have more credibility if they weren’t against every Trump nominee and policy.

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