And one goes down ..

As we said on a few occasions one exception to the cabinet getting through would be Labor’s Andy Puzder. Yesterday he withdraw, as the handwriting was on the wall that enough Republicans would abandon him and he would lose the approval vote. Puzder was not a good choice for Labor. He was on record of wanting a lower minimum wage, robots to replace people and had hired an illegal immigrant as his housekeeper. It was hard to see him getting past all that and more. He didn’t.

The intolerable left continues its boycott pressure. Yesterday they pushed  the food chain (Wegman’s) to stop selling five Trump wine products from among the 237 Virginia wines (from 58 wineries) it sells in the state. If Wegman’s doesn’t comply NOW will organize a chain wide boycott.
What ever happened to the argument and position they took against conservatives on issues like abortion, pornography, drugs and religion?
Remember then it was, if you don’t like it, don’t do it or watch it. Now it’s their way or no way. Your intolerable left in action.

So exactly what is it that the Trump team did with the Russians that has the media so angry?
The NYT story yesterday said they had contact but there was no evidence of wrongdoing; or that they worked together to alter the election.
So what is it then? Is it just that Hillary lost?
I am having trouble understanding exactly what they think is up with Trump, his team and the Russians. Do they think Trump is a KGB agent and turning the U.S. over to Russia? What exactly?
From what I see it appears they think there was collusion to get Hillary, but no evidence to support it. If there was the leakers would have released something by now.
In fact we should find the leakers who are breaking the law. I think they are Obama left overs who believe the Wikileakes stories cost Hillary the election and want to get even.

If in the end it comes down to the Trump team had conversations with the Russians and nothing more then I propose this. Mitch O’Connell should pull a Harry Reid. Remember when Harry went into the senate chamber and boldly stated that “the word is out, he didn’t pay taxes for ten years” referring to Mitt Romney in the 2012 campagin? it was a lie and when questioned after the election he said what Mitch should repeat. “She didn’t win did she”?

Terrific meeting in the White House yesterday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. What a difference from the last administration. We are back on Isreal’s side. You would have missed this watching the MSM.

Then in Brussels Secretary Mattis made it clear that Europe needs to pay more of its fair share for military protection. You know what, it went over well. See it on the MSM?

This morning on the news shows all you’ll hear is the latest NYT or Washington Post drip drip drip report on the Russians. How a cabinet nominee has joined Flynn and withdrawn in a bad week for Trump. (By the way three Obama cabinet nominees withdrew). How meetings on replacing Obamacare are going no where. How there is major pushback on any border tax.
You won’t hear any of the positives like we mentioned above or much about the Trump stock market lift that has driven everyone’s wealth.

Your MSM in action.


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