The Pounding …

It might have been Valentine’s Day but the only celebrating going on with the MSM and their leftist friends was the resignation of Mike Flynn. As predicted they want a bigger review now. “What did the President know and when did he know it”? Do you remember how many times Obama said he learned of this issue “when you did, when the media published it”? He didn’t know anything until the press reported it. Did you hear the MSM or their friends then finding “his credibility” in question?

We’ll repeat again that if Flynn spoke with the Russian ambassador on the Obama sanctions and offered thoughts on change after he assumed his role he was wrong and should resign. So too should have the IRS head when it was discovered they were denying tax status to the Tea Party groups. So too should have every head of a department who did something that Obama “learned about in the newspapers”. As far as I can recall Flynn was the only fired so quickly.

Many in the MSM delighting in covering the Democratic Press Conference where Rep Cummings and Minority Head Nancy Pelosi, among others, spoke of Flynn’s tweet where he said he was a “scapegoat”. They carried on about the use of this word, on live TV, to the delight of the media. Except it turned out that Flynn never tweeted it or said it. Wait for the apology, but don’t hold your breath.
By the way, Generals with 30 years of loyal service don’t talk.

And by the way, how are top secret conversations like the one Flynn had being leaked out? Someone is breaking the law and letting the Russians know how much we are eavesdropping. Do you think it’s Obama partisans  doing it?  Do you think the MSM and Democrats will ask and seek to find out? Me neither.

As for a replacement, one of the top three names mentioned is General David Petraeus. You can’t give him the job. How can you replace Flynn with someone who actually leaked top secret information? You can’t.

The ethics committee has authorized action against Kellyanne Conway because of her off the cuff remark about buying Ivanka’s clothes line. What you ask, is this the same ethics committee that never mentioned Hillary? Yes it is.

Much noise in the MSM all day (everyday) on Obamacare. They are really on the administration about the replacement. After all, the ACA is working so well, why mess it up? The problem is Republicans ran against the act for seven years and have no plan. You know our position, it’s easy to say it’s bad, which it is, but you cannot replace it with the number of free members.

Watch for Trump’s numbers to decline as the pounding goes on all day. The press will convince the populace things are bad and going downhill. Eventually it will impact the positive stock market momentum as the numbers decline.

Finally, can you believe Bowe Bergdahl’s attorneys are looking for charges to be dropped because he can’t get a fair trial based upon Trump’s election comments? Do you think if he gets a liberal Obama or Clinton judge he could pull that off? It’s possible. We don’t have judges anymore that interpret the law, they want to make law. The issue with Bergdhal is he put lives in jeopardy, might have caused one person to lose his, and a few others to be wounded. He deserted. The only question should be life or death.


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