The Pressure Builds …

First we apologize and thank loyal reader Emil Martinez for pointing out that in yesterday’s blog we named General Kelly as the NSC head who was in trouble when we all know it is General Flynn. Our mistake. The content was right on, just the wrong name typed.

That said, the Flynn pressure had built all day and by midnight he resigned. It became clear yesterday that the only question was when. No one in the administration was defending him. They couldn’t.

The Democrats, liberal left, and MSM will take major delight in Flynn’s departure and use it as an example of the Trump administration laxity and failed ethics. Plus, this will not end here, as the left will call for a special prosecutor to understand what Trump and others knew and when they knew it. The same people who said we don’t need one for Hillary will be shouting from the rafters now.
You can see it now, they will spend the next four years questioning ethics.

In the meantime the hysteria in the MSM about the ICE activities is incredible. Almost every person captured and prepared for deportation was  not only here illegally, they had a criminal record. Read that again. Here illegally and with a criminal record.
Maybe they need to commit those acts against individuals close to the intolerable left before they realize what is going on. It seems they preach tolerance until it impacts them and their beliefs.

The cabinet continues to get approved as we all knew, almost always in a partisan vote. All will be approved, with the sole possible exception of labor secretary, and the entire process was done to smear the choices. In a normal world those who led the smear would be held accountable, but with the MSM on their side it will not get the coverage it should.

In our opinion the SNL skit on Kellyanne Conway was a disgrace. If you think they’re just comedians here’s a question. Do you remember how they attacked and made George W. Bush look like a big buffoon? Now you see them destroying Trump. What do you remember of them doing to Obama?

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