The Weekend News

If you watched the weekend news shows you saw the vehemence with which the MSM is going after the Trump administration. There was real anger in their tone and questioning. The Trump administration was well represented by Stephen Miller, Assistant to the President. He was tough, articulate and ready. He left them even angrier by his answers and you can expect the media to be attacking hard in the week ahead. The key focus for them:

How can General Kelly stay in his role. He denied talking to the Russian ambassador in December about the Obama sanctions. It turns out the secret tapes apparently say he may have. They pressed on what he told VP Pence, since the week before Pence said General Kelly told him sanctions were not discussed. That puts Pence in a tough spot and the word is he is upset. If it turns out Kelly lied, the press will not let up and he must resign.
The key is we have one president at a time and you can’t do that. Lying about it just adds more.
Now the next question from the press will be this. Did Kelly do this on his own or did the President tell him. They won’t let it rest, that’s for sure.

North Korea testing that missile is now a big issue with the media. They tested them for the years of the Obama administration but somehow now it’s different. In fact they want to know “didn’t this test pass President Trump’s redline”? Oh now they want to talk redlines?

On the ban they went over and over the court decision and how dare the President call the judge a “so called” one. They challenged what ICE was doing in finding illegals for deportation. Miller said they were doing what Trump said the entire campaign, finding the criminals and deporting them. He then asked a key question. Why is the media criticizing the Trump administration for following the law of the land? Deportation, especially of criminals is the law. Why are they yelling the administration won’t follow the court ruling, yet they go after him when he is enforcing law?

The get Conway effort remains out in full force. That ad libbed statement in response to a question about Ivana Trump’s line is way over blown. Again the MSM letting their bias show.

The protests on all the issues from immigration to health care seem to us to be orchestrated. Some team or group is behind this. Don’t count on the press investigationg to find out. All their reporterts are busy investigating Trump and team.

The health care attacks seem particularly out of line. Most of the country thinks the ACA is broken and needs fixing. Hearing these people yelling that they are going to lose their coverage when we have a promise of repeal and replace is incredible. Maybe the President or Tom Price the new Heath Secretary should just go on the air and make some promises. Let’s see, they can say: “You can keep your health plan if you like it, you can keep your doctor and we’ll save you $2,500.”. I’m sure the press would like that and won’t call them on it.
Again the problem here is how do we insure 30+ million for free? Now if they all got jobs and paid their way we could save you $2,500 a year.

Seven cabinet members in place as we begin week four. Obama had twelve by now. Democratic senators on Sunday said, they need more time for vetting. Oh that’s why your boycotting the hearings and holding 24 hour marathon speaking sessions. I was confused.

Could be a contentious week. Pay close attention.

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