More of the same ….

The big news of course was the ninth circuit court ruling in favor of the state of Washington and keeping the administration’s travel ban on hold. The decision by this circuit is not a surprise and you can count on further court appeal from the administration. But it also should make clear to them that they need to take the time to do things right. This order was rushed and not done to the standard it should have been.
If it gets to the Supreme Court how will they rule? It could very well be a 4-4 vote with the open seat. In that case the circuit decision will hold.

Otherwise another day and more of the same. Someone does something he doesn’t like or approve and Trump goes after them. The left attacks everyone and everything associated with the administration. The far left continues it’s tirade and protests.  Let’s take some examples, as we note the markets heard the words “tax cut” and drove to new highs. Is the street out of touch with the protesters or is it the other way?

It began with Senator Blumenthal telling the press that Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch told him that “he found attacks on the judiciary by the president to be disheartening and demoralizing”. We think Gorsuch did say it, and is right. It won’t help him get votes from Democrats like Blumenthal who clearly said as much.

Trump blasted Blumenthal and said he mischaracterized the quote. He didn’t. But blasting Blumenthal as a liar was fine with us. The Senator lied for years that he served in Viet Nam, when he did not. We call that stolen valor and is never accepted or forgiven.

Then we read Senator Chuck Schumer’s comments on the travesty of the AG hearings. “When Jeff Sessions was passed, it turned my stomach. I don’t have anything against him personally….” It’s the policies that Senator Sessions supports he is against. Senator there are many who were against the policies of Holder and Lynch but they got senate approval right? Let’s get on with the business of government. Approve the cabinet already.

In the first twenty days of the Trump administration we have seen Schumer and team fight every word, act and nominee. What do they have to show for it? Absolutely nothing. Just a more divided country and upheaval to support the media desire for anti administration sensationalism.  Remember it was President Obama who said “elections have consequences”. One of them is policy change. Stop wasting time and money.

Why are they doing it? They are appealing to their most vocal and left base and are trying to appease them. After nine Democratic senators came out against a Gorsuch filibuster, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore pledged to recruit, fund and support a primary against every single Democratic senator who refused to support the filibuster. We don’t have statesmen and leaders anymore we have sheep seeking media time. I have told the story of leadership before but will again here.
It has been said there are two types of leaders. One looks out the window, sees a crowd and says, “find out where they are going, I need to lead them”. The second says “follow me, this is where we are going”.
You decide what your representative is and what you see on TV.

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