Divided Government….

So late last night after another 24 hour stall Jeff Sessions got approved as Attorney General. We’ve said it before, all (with one possible exception), are getting approved. The fact that the nation is witnessing this beat down of character is shameful. Let’s hope the leaders pay a price.
As for Mitch O’Connell his actions against Senator Warren was just as dumb. The Democrats were going to speak for 24 hours and spout hate no matter what. Why give her such publicity? Why raise her hero status to the radical left? More people heard about the letter she was reading than would have ever have heard it before his actions. It was a smear, yes; but why give the smear airtime?

It’s very clear that a divided government and nation are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Everything will be a battle. So gear up for the 2018 election fight. Senate, House, and Governor seats will be the key.
– In the senate there will 33 seats up. 23 are currently Democratic held.
– 2 are independents who sit with the Democrats.
– All 435 House seats are up.
– 38 governorships are up and 27 are held by Republicans.
An off year (non presidential) usually favors the out of office party. The right needs to begin working now to register and plan on getting out the vote to assure they gain ground.
Barring that, the two years will see a government drawn to a halt.

Now here’s an example on the knowledge of the voter. A Morning Consult poll released yesterday showed this:
” In the survey, 35 percent of respondents said either they thought Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act were different policies (17 percent) or didn’t know if they were the same or different (18 percent)”.
Think about that. Over one third of the voters didn’t know that on an issue some saw as the most vital one.
Now add this from the survey: “This confusion was more pronounced among people 18 to 29 and those who earn less than $50,000 — two groups that could be significantly affected by repeal”.

Kind of amazing right? Here’s one more quote: “Among Republicans, a higher percentage (72 percent) said they knew Obamacare and the A.C.A. were the same…”.
Here’s the link to the study if you want to read more. But that’s what people are up against trying to win votes.

As predicted here, the media has influenced the voting population. Now 51% are now against the travel ban and 46% support. A reversal.

Trump executive order: Gitmo will stay open. Now watch us add “guests”.

Four more stores dropped the Ivanka Trump line. What a shame. Intolerant left. What happened to their “if you don’t like it don’t do it, or watch it, or smoke it” position?

On that score did you hear or see Melania won a lawsuit against a Maryland Blogger who wrote she “worked as a prostitute”? The blogger issued a retraction, admitting it was a lie and paid a substantial sum.

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