The Media and The Administration …

Remember when we warned  about getting into a fight with people who have unlimited prink ink? The fight is underway between the administration and the media, and it appears to us the media is winning.

Outside of FoxNews and FoxBusiness the coverage is almost exclusively negative and beginning to impact public opinion. There is a constant drumbeat against administration policies. Any questionable word or tweet from the President or an administrative representative is highlighted and attacked. The President’s media rep (Sean Spricer) is treated with disdain and he does the same back. Without a sign of easing on either side this could be a permanent situation. We don’t think the administration can win here. The drumbeat against them is too large and widespread.

Is the coverage unfair? We think so, but look at what Democrats say. In a poll today only 6% say the media is negative on the administration. 49% say it is too easy. Republicans say the opposite with 79% saying coverage is biased. Once again the divide in the nation.

So only cabinet member number five (5) got approved yesterday, but not without much drama and grandstanding. The Democrats spoke on the senate floor for 24 straight hours to block a vote. Did they do it for any reason other than media coverage? The day/night long speaking was not going to change a single vote. Plus, what were they defending? It was the current school system that is failing poor and inner city students. DeVos is going to challenge the current system offering parents a charter school option. Will it work? Probably not. Unless parents get involved and discipline returned, nothing will help. But is more of the same the answer?

Now a loyal reader and strong Trump supporter did contact us with reservations on DeVos that we understand. The direct quote, “Out of all of Trump picks I’m disappointed with Betsy. I tuned in to her hearings on the particular day the questions pertained to IDEA, (the disability act), which is widely known in all public schools. She seemed totally unaware of the program or what they were asking about. Not a good sign for me”.
In truth If the Democrats weren’t opposing everyone and everything from Trump they might have won this one. As you know it took the first ever VP vote to approve a cabinet member. First ever!

There should be pressure on the senate to get the cabinet approved already. Let’s get on with governing. Enough is enough. Trump for his part must stop feeding the media things to beat him on. Yesterday it was “uncovered” terrorist attacks.

Trump’s job approval (+/-) in recent polls mostly negative.
Rasmussen +7, Gallup -10, IBD -6, CNN -9, CBS -8
Is the country going in the right direction? Per cent saying yes:
Rassmussen 46%, IBB 50%, Economist 35%, Reuters 30%

Did you see that a released Obama pardoned drug dealer was arrested for drug dealing again? He was back in business. What a shock. I’m sure the Gitmo releasees are behaving.

Did you know, the Seattle judge who temporarily banned the White House’s refugee travel ban plan acted after mistakenly claiming the federal government has not arrested jihadi migrants from the seven Muslim countries covered by the reform? He said no one was arrested from these countries. But the federal government has arrested and jailed at least 76 people since 2001 from the seven countries covered. Just the facts folks, just the facts.


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