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On Monday, as the nation focused on the Super Bowl, we were thinking that the road ahead for Trump and team is going to be a rough one.

His style and experience running his own business is what he brought to the White House. That say what you’re thinking out loud unfiltered style doesn’t work in the Oval Office. People are listening to all you say and not everyone is in line with your thinking.

We get he wants a relationship with Putin and Russia to fight common enemies like IsIs. But rather than saying “we can work together on common issues, while we disagree on others…, he tries to justify Putin. He did it in his Super Bowl interview with Fox to the point of moral equivalency to our leaders. We see his goal to try and build a bridge, but he used the wrong planks and that has consequences.

He can’t make a decision, like he did in business, and then implement it with government in the same manner. You have to understand the implications and impact on people. The example being the extreme vetting. He said “do it” without the pros explaining and doing all they must to get it done. Right idea, but wrong business like execution.

He needs to understand campaign words are not easily implemented in the Oval Office. Promising an Obamacare repeal and replace, with more choices and lower cost, is easy. Actually doing it, is not. We continue to say how can you insure 20-40 million people for free and keep costs down? It is going to take time, thought, effort, and work to create an alternative. Instead of campaign rhetoric he needs to let Obamacare run and assure the chaos it creates is tied back to it, while they plan it’s replacement.

His warnings to the world are like red lines that caused Obama his credibility when he failed to heed them. He is eye to eye with Iran and clear on his warnings. How is he going to get them as they defy him? Does he have  a plan? He warned Mexico’s President on their drug cartels. Great, but is he going to send troops across the border? There’s a difference between consultation and threats.

Bottom line is this. He is President and his words matter. He wants to be a President who keeps his word. He has to be far more careful on the words he uses, who he says them to and how loudly he does it.



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