And Week Three Begins …

It may seem longer but we start just week three of the Trump era today. Things have gone as expected, hoped, and feared.

We expected change to come. It has.
We expected action with the country divided in half.  We got that.
We expected Trump would continue spouting off via twitter and he has.
We expected his tweeting to enable him to control daily dialogue. It has.
We feared his tweeting would go over board and at times hurt him. It has.
We feared at times, his ego would get in the way of good intentions. It has.

The latest examples were his calling the judge who over turned the travel ban a “so called judge”. He gave the MSM all the fodder they needed. They were all over this yesterday on the Sunday news shows.
The other example was his reference on the ratings for The Apprentice.

We’ll say it again. Stop. Check your ego. Lead. Be the President.
On tweeting, it is a great way to get around the MSM, but someone needs to check each one before hitting the send button.

On the ban, here’s our suggestion. The liberals and media are against your move. The people are on your side. Take the issue to congress and ask for a vote tomorrow to support or not. You’ll win the vote. Let the liberal Democrats vote no and support unchecked boarders. Isolate them and the media.

Lots of noise still on the Gorsuch nomination. Drive it to a vote. I believe there are more than 60 votes for this capable and deserving individual. Enough Democrats will vote with the 52 Republicans for him because he is deserving. It is the next vote they better save their gun powder for. If you’re Schumer are you crazy enough to force the “nuclear option” now? All you would do is make it easier for the next one. They will make noise but support this one.

The argument that Gorsuch is payback for Republicans not considering Leland Gerland last year is nonsense. Remember the Republicans approved two Obama nominees  after his election. Gerland would have been the third and came up in February of an election year. Did you ever hear of the Biden rule? (Named after Senator Joe Biden).
It goes back to “Senator Joe Biden urging President George Bush not to nominate a Supreme Court Justice during the 1992 election, should a seat on the court become vacant”.
Add this.
The leader of the movement now is Chuck Schumer. Here’s where he stood with 16 months before the 2008 election.
“Sen. Chuck Schumer said in July 2007 that no George W. Bush nominee to the Supreme Court should be approved, except in extraordinary circumstances, 19 months before a new president was set to be inaugurated”.
Hypocrisy at its finest and an example of a system out of control. It’s enough to make you cry and see why “Drain The Swamp” was so popular.

A reminder, watch Iran. Both sides are painting themselves into corners and this is going to escalate. As we noted Iran was the one to challenge the administration. Trump and team fired back. Iran responded they are unafraid and ready to take the U.S. on. Something is going to happen.
By the way, it turns out it was the agreement that Obama and Kerry agreed to that allows Iran to test ballistic weapons. Yes, the same one where we gave them back all that money — in cash.

Onto to week three.


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