Watch Iran ….

Yesterday you heard National Security Adviser Mike Flynn declare “As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice”. As we mentioned often when the cabinet was being put in place, there are a lot of military members and they are tough. They were individuals who left the military or past administration because they thought it was too weak. We said more than once “something is going to happen”.

The place it is going to happen is Iran. For all their ballyhoo the North Koreans have more sense than to be the first to provoke this administration. The Iranians don’t care. It goes back to 1979 when President Carter forced the pro western Shah out and allowed the Ayatollah Khomeini, a Shīʿite religious leader living in exile in Paris, to march in and take over.
Khomeini brought the radicalism we live with today. You may recall his immediate action of taking over the U.S. Embassy and holding the Americans hostage while degrading them. Since then Iran has gotten bolder and been the world’s leader in supporting Islamic terrorism.

In 1979 economic sanctions were placed on Iran. They stayed in place until late last year when President Obama released their funds. As part of the agreement Iran agreed to hold off  processing material that would lead to nuclear capability for ten years. Iran pushed the edges on that agreement with a ballistic missile test yesterday. What now?

Every new administration is tested. With Flynn reacting immediately Iran is going to be the place. Trump and team came in as the anti Obama team and their perceived weakness.  Keep an eye on this and remember it goes back to 1979 and the failure of leadership. The Iranians as you recall released the hostages as Ronald Reagan raised his hand to be sworn in. They knew he meant business. They took advantage in recent years and brazenly have challenged Trump, Kelly, Mattis and team. Pay close attention. I have a feeling the next time their ships harass ours in the waters they may end up using life vests.

Don’t pay attention to the MSM coverage on their claim Trump urges the senate to go nuclear on the Gorsuch nomination. He said he wants the system to work and not use the option unless the Democrats are going to deny this capable man the role. He just said be ready.
Gorsuch will pass.

An item you didn’t hear much about in the news that is important news:
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said the clock has started on a remaking of the North American Free Trade Agreement, with the government beginning a 90-day period to consult with the country’s private sector.

Yesterday with all the news here are top two NYTimes news headlines:
– Trump Pushes Dark View of Islam to Center of U.S. Policy-Making
– Trump Says ‘Go Nuclear’ as Democrats Gird for Gorsuch Fight

Lot’s of coverage of Berkley University riot, which got quite out of hand. How did you see the MSM present it? You know what it was about? A conservative person was invited to speak. That’s it. The intolerable left rioted to avoid his doing so.

Rasmussen poll yesterday (as has every poll) said 52% favor refugee freeze despite the media hysteria on it. (It was 57% when announced). The same 43% are against it. That later number includes 100% of the MSM.
By the way continue listening to how they present it as “Muslim ban”.

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