Buckle Up ……

The words for Trump in week two are — buckle up. The supreme court choice tonight will blow the roof off Washington. Forget the most likely choice was approved unanimously just a decade ago by the senate to be a federal judge. The MSM and left are unhinged.

Some other thoughts today:

We repeat, the Trump team should have handled the 90 day ban better and communicated rules clearly. As predicted yesterday all of 109 cases are cleared. It could have been zero if handled correctly from the start.
It would not have stopped negative coverage because the media would have gone to foreign airports to find “victims”.

However, the hysteria and MSM coverage is way off base:
It is a 90 day ban, not a permanent one.
It is not a Muslim ban.
It was not just countries he did not do business in. The early polls show the American people support Trump’s action.
Watching the MSM they are biased and leading you in a different direction.
Will media coverage change public opinion? Keep an eye on this.
The Rasmussen poll released Monday said by 57-33 we support the ban.

Why is the coverage so negative. Because they are so far left that fairness is not possible. Want examples?
Do you know what ABC’s George Stephanopoulos wife said this about Trump’s election and their children on the air?
– “It’s scary because the world is so unpredictable and so different,” adding that her 11-year-old now sleeps in bed with her and Stephanopoulos because she is afraid of terror attacks from ISIS.
-“It just involves my 14-year-old getting upset about the election and screaming ‘no abortions’ really loudly”.
Where did their daughters get those feelings? From their parents’ biases.
On GMA yesterday morning George was downright angry at Trump’s 90 day ban (without saying a timeframe).
Did he ever present an opposite view? No.
Here’s the story if you want to read it:

Here’s another story and example. Do you remember an 11 year old cursing and bragging about starting a fire on the air during the protests last week? Do you know that was Drew Carey’s son? Here’s the tape and story. Would you be proud of your kid? Hollywood is.

I watched a debate on CNN where a pro ban person destroyed the anti person. After four minutes of devastation to the anti side, on comes Chris Cuomo to attack the pro person. Oh he’s fair. It was his brother who last week said “take me first”.  It was his Father who thought Reagan was a disaster. Now he offers opinion as news.

The media is biased. Do you hear from them that President Obama banned immigration from Iraq for six months? Why did he do it? Because two potential terrorists were found in the U.S. and he wanted an increased vetting process. What did Trump do now? A 90 day ban to develop an increased vetting process. Why did the people not protest then? Is it because the media didn’t cover it with all the hysteria of today?  Of course, you see Obama couldn’t be racist, only Trump.
We repeat again the countries impacted now were Obama identified in December 2015. . Here’s the story:

By the way, why is necessary to await an attack to take action? How about proactive action to protect our people? If Bill Clinton hadn’t been preoccupied maybe we could have taken Osama out before he murdered 3,000+ of our citizens. Of course the media would have called us barbaric if we had done that. But when you impact history you don’t wait to be impacted first.

Did you see this from Susan Rice? She called Trump’s naming his national security council members this way: “This is stone cold crazy, after a week of crazy”. This from the woman who went on every Sunday show and told us Benghazi was over a video. Thank you Susan we’ll get our counsel and advice elsewhere.

Still only four cabinet members approved and now we had an issue. The Acting Attorney General (because congress has not voted on Jeff Sessions yet) was an Obama hold out. Last night she told Justice Department lawyers not to defend President Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees. Of course not, she heard ex President Obama say he didn’t agree with it, as Obama took a whole ten days to get involved. (The opposite of the Bushes who saw involvement unpresidential). So now we have a crisis because the AG won’t do her job.
Trump then fires her which she and everyone expected. We thought he shouldn’t do that.
Instead he should have pressed to get Sessions in place today. By the firing, she is a left hero and glorified on every MSM station today, and going forward. It would have been better to get Sessions approved and fire all the holdovers who refuse do their job. It would have resulted in far less coverage and no hero-ville that way.
So get ready today for Nixon references since he fired the AG, but for a whole different reason. The media will love mentioning Nixon and Trump in the same sentence.

Remember the poll above from Rasmussen as you watch the coverage and keep an eye on how they change the numbers going forward.


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