Blame to share ….

The major issue today is the seven country ban. So let’s examine it.

First the Trump administration made a mistake. They implemented the changes with no advance planning or warning. Thus the issue on Saturday was created because people were in transit that began under one set of rules and by the time they arrived it was another. Look at the numbers and you will understand. 325,000 arrived in the U.S. Saturday. Only 109 were held at American airports. By tomorrow the Saturday issues go away because we understand the rule. It will be replaced by a fight over the executive order.
The Trump team could have avoided some of this with correct planning.

Now let’s get to the policy. Let’s start by debunking the media talking points.
– This was a NOT a Muslim ban. It was a ban on seven countries.
– This was NOT a permanent ban. It was 90 day ban until we set a policy.
– These countries were not chosen because Trump did not do business in them. They were identified by congress and the Obama administration.
– Yes, additional countries can be added to the list as the review goes on.
The ban was set up as Trump outlined all campaign to set up “an extreme vetting process”, to understand better “who is coming into the country”.

A loyal reader of this blog sent us this note at 6AM Sunday.
“Dan – Am I missing something about the thought process regarding “extreme vetting”? Why is it different than the physicals and quarantine used at Ellis Island to ensure that we didn’t inadvertently introduce disease into the US…? If there were refugees coming from an area of the world that was ravaged by Ebola, I don’t think anyone would be up in arms about an extreme vetting process being put in place for it. Well, Radical Islamic Terrorism is a disease of ignorance and mental deficiency and in my mind requires just as strenuous a vetting process so that we don’t inadvertently introduce disease or collateral damage into the US in the name of compassion… Thoughts?”.
Our readers are smart and logical.

The MSM and anti Trump left saw this as another opportunity to attack and an example of Trump’s “racist” attitude. Led by liberal anchors, Chuck Schumer crying, supportive Republicans like John McCain and ready to protest leftists they made a lot of noise that gave a different impression. I bet most people believe this is a Muslim ban, and against countries Trump identified. Both of those thoughts are wrong.

So what’s the story with Schmuer? Here’s a story in the newspaper before the tears that will tell you.
“Enraged that Schumer has voted in favor of several Cabinet nominees, a coalition of political, environmental and anti-poverty organizations led by the Working Families Party plans to protest near Schumer’s Park Slope, Brooklyn, home and at his Peekskill office this week.
“The Democratic base wants full-on resistance to everything this president does,” said New York Communities for Change ­director Jonathan Westin.
Trump is not negotiating on any of his positions; he’s going full-steam ahead. We should take the stance we’re not going to collaborate on anything, he added”.
The intolerant left has no room for open thought.

Our view on the facts above were bolstered by the Sunday morning news shows where the Trump easily handled the hysteria.
Sean Spicer easily beat down Martha Raddatz when she tried to present this as the protesters shout it. The same on FoxNews Sunday where Conway handled Chris Wallace. Then on Meet The Press Reince Priebus handled Chuck Todd the same way.

By the way Canadian President Trudeau said would Canada would welcome those fleeing “persecution, terror and war. Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith”.

Lost with the weekend hysteria was Trump’s executive order. The order requires every political appointee who has joined the executive branch on or after Jan. 20 — the day Trump took office — to agree to the lobbying bans.

President Trump signed a “swamp-draining” executive order Saturday — a five-year lobbying ban on members of the presidential administration after they leave government service.
Under the order, administration officials are also banned from ever lobbying the United States on ­behalf of a foreign government.

If Obama had done this we would have heard over and over about “the most ethical administration in history”. This deserves coverage.

Finally on the MSM, isn’t it incredible how they love John McCain today as he joins Democrats to fight Trump over and over? This is the same MCCain they mocked in 2008 running against Obama. Wonder what changed?

Meanwhile only four cabinet positions remain approved. And, here come a supreme court nominee.


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