It’s Only Day Three


It was only day three of work for Trump but doesn’t it feel like much longer?

Immigration actions were announced and put into effect. Once again Trump created orders and actions to back his campaign promises. By now no one should be surprised. He promised a wall, and he is planning to build it. He promised extreme vetting and it is going to occur. He promised to withhold federal funding for sanctuary cities and he recommended it.

The Washington Times put it this way:
“With a couple strokes of his pen, President Trump wiped out almost all of President Obama’s immigration policies Wednesday, laying the groundwork for his own border wall, unleashing immigration agents to enforce the law, and punishing sanctuary cities who try to thwart his deportation surge”. We agree, except it was an eraser of Obama policies.

Reaction was immediate. The Mexican President said he may cancel his visit to the U.S. to meet with Trump. Why is that? Are we not allowed to build a wall on our border? Since when can’t a country do that?

Mayors for sanctuary cities (NY, LA, SF, Chicago) immediately reacted that they will not accept Trump’s decision. What are they going to do in those cities, vote against him next time?

There will be lots of noise from the left and MSM but so far the people are with the President. As you will see below his numbers are going up. Imagine if he could stay on message. Along those line we have some questions today:

——————–    JUST ASKING   ———————-

The press began the day focusing and ridiculing Trump on his voter fraud charges. They are likely right, he is way off on the claims. However, we ask this. How come you spent from election to inauguration day talking fraud because the Russians made Trump president? Now you found religion and “claims of fraud are paranoia”? So you mean Trump won fair and clear or is only one side allowed to question things?

Jim Comey who had the most impeccable reputation of anyone in government, before he got involved with the Clintons, survives and will keep his job, at least for the remainder of his appointment. There are not many who survive Clinton interaction. No doubt liberals will see a plot. Of course they loved him when he cleared her the first time. Remember?

Isn’t it crazy how the MSM keeps talking about how 18 to 20 million people are going to lose their coverage with the cancellation of Obamacare? I have heard the President and every leader say “replace”. I have heard them say children can stay on until 26. I have heard them say there will be no denial for pre conditions. How can they criticize what they haven’t seen yet? Are they defending Obamacare for it’s name? Certainly not for the way it was passed, with no review and the lies, “you can keep …”, and will reduce costs for people by $2,500. Just more MSM bias.

Did you see the MSM bash Trump’s inaugural speech as “dark and divisive”?  Well here’s a poll just released on the people’s reaction:
President Donald Trump received high marks from Americans on his inaugural address with 49 percent saying the speech was excellent or good and 39 percent rating it only fair or poor, a Politico/Morning Consult poll revealed. Here are the survey highlights:
65 percent of those polled reacted positively to the “America First” message.
55 percent said the speech was much better or somewhat better than expected.
51 percent described the speech as “optimistic.”
46 percent said the speech was “presidential.”
“President Trump knows what his voters like to hear, and you see that resonating once again in our latest poll,” said Kyle Dropp, Morning Consult’s chief research officer and co-founder told Politico.

The poll also found that 49 percent now view Trump favorably following his speech, while 44 percent view him unfavorably.”That’s a 7-point net swing from just before the speech”.

Did you know literally in the last hours of his administration Obama released $221 million dollars to the Palestines? Former Secretary of State John Kerry had officially notified Congress that his department would release the money last Friday morning, according to the news network. Congress had approved the funding, but lawmakers had placed holds on it. In the past, holds were honored. Did you hear that on the MSM?

Day four of week one tomorrow and Trump will rest   —- not. The man is all in. Some former presidents would have needed three weeks vacation by now in say, I don’t know, Hawaii.

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