The speech, the day and tomorrow


It was the most unique inaugural speech in my memory.

Let’s begin with the clear message directed to his predecessors sitting right behind him. They did everything wrong. Think about Obama’s position as a globalist, one who stressed that he did not see American exceptionalism and we were a citizen of the world. Then there was George W. sitting there and his interventionist policies around the globe. Trump’s America First and attack on those polices was a direct hit. I have seen incoming administrations chart a new direction. I never witnessed the direct attack so stark in an inaugural . We are headed to a 180 degree change it appears.

The last time it was so clear was the change from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan. Carter had gone on TV in a sweater and told us we were living beyond our means, that we needed to lower expectations. Reagan’s message was that we were Americans and we got here because we solved problems and did not shrink from them. He then proceeded to lead us to new heights.

So Trump’s challenge now is, he set a new direction and made some bold promises. We are going to eliminate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth. How, I wonder? We are going to bring jobs back, which is great, but what happens to costs? If you add a 35% tariff that drives up costs. Companies are not going to take less profit. Add, that other countries will put tariffs back on us too. We are going to rebuild the infrastructure, add bridges, tunnels and fix inner cities. All for it, but where is the money coming from? Obama doubled the national debt to 20 trillion dollars, we have to get to balanced budgets. It is a challenge and I am all in his corner, ┬ábut this is not easy and need to see the path.

This blog has been no fan of Hillary Clinton as you know. In fact we think the only reason Trump won was she was more detested than him. That said, we give her kudos for showing up yesterday and attending the luncheon. That was a class act, especially knowing the crowd would be yelling “lock her up”. We will pass on saying anything negative today like with the Clinton Global Initiative laying off people and funding drying up she had nothing else to do.

Obama, too, had to be seething as he sat there listening to the speech knowing his legacy actions were under attack and going away. Yet when Trump finished he said “good job”. As I watched I thought he would say “good luck”. He hid things well. Better than Michelle did.

I thought Bush looked like he was in shock listening. But then again he often looked like that to me.

One more word on people. Mike Pence is a class act. Deeply religious, you can feel the goodness of his heart as he talks to veterans and police officers. I watched him address some yesterday and he was warm, sincere and spoke beautifully.

Today the protesters arrive and it will be massive. There may be more protesters than showed up yesterday for the inauguration. That is unprecedented and harkens back to the unpopularity of Trump and Clinton. I suspect today will be peaceful as opposed to yesterday where they were disgraceful.

We’re off in the Trump era.

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