The Last and First Day


On the last day Obama kept at it.

He commuted the sentences of another 332 convicted drug felons.
He set a Presidential record with 1,715.
He also pardoned 212 additional people.
He released four more terrorists from Guantanamo this morning.
This week alone he released 14 in total.
Then he wrote Congress a letter blasting them for not closing the base.

Until the end he believed that the American justice system was  injust. It was his core and he conveyed that message to his followers.

Followers who today will be protesting everywhere they can. To support them the Supreme Court said they have the right to be anywhere anyone else is. It used to be groups were separated, but the wisdom of the court changed that. Keep an eye out today.

The Obama team was before the Brooklyn Grand Jury trying to present their case to indict the police officer we referenced yesterday in the Eric Garner case. It is not over yet. They are still at it and until Jeff Sessions gets confirmed they control the justice department.

Speaking of cabinet members as of this writing none of Trump’s selections have been approved. (Remember, though nominated later seven of Obama’s were by now). The feeling is at most two will be approved today. Mattis at Defense and Kelly at Homeland Security. All are going to be approved but the intolerant left is grandstanding and it is a disgrace. They are treating successful business people as criminals. You know why? In Obama’s cabinet there was a grand total of five years business experience. They were different than Trump’s leaning on successful business people.

As for Trump we’ll get to all that beginning Monday. Suffice to say he wasn’t our first choice as long time readers know. He is our President and if he can somehow put his “me” and ego behind him he can do great things. Can he? Can he withstand the negative attacks and lead? Here’s hoping he achieves greatness for all of us, our children, grandchildren and generations to come. God bless you Mr. President.

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