Twenty-Four Hours


By the time you read this there will be 24 hours or less left before the transition is made from Obama to Trump. What should we watch for?

The Obama administration is not going quietly. On top of the pardons yesterday they are in Federal Court in NY today trying to get an indictment  against NYC Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the Eric Garner incident. To refresh your memory Garner’s death in Staten Island led to the “I can’t breathe” narrative. What has occurred since:
The SI Grand Jury reviewed the case and decided no charges were warranted.
Eric Holder and the federal government decided to conduct a review.
A federal grand jury in NY then heard the evidence but never brought charges. Local prosecutors and the FBI agents opposed charges.
Attorney General Lynch then directed federal agents to take over and took  NY based agents off the case.
The federal government is before the grand jury today trying to get charges brought before noon tomorrow.

So Obama may go out as he came in, charging police with abuse. Remember how it started with “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” in the Boston case (which he later said he regretted) because he rushed to judgement? It resulted in a beer summit at the White House. Now as his last act he may bring charges against an officer cleared twice.

When you add the false narrative from Ferguson of “hands up don’t shoot”,  you have to assume that at his core Obama thinks the police are wrong and wonder how this impacted the stark increase in police deaths.

The disgraceful boycott of the inauguration is now up to almost a third of Democrat House members. We say again, the tolerant left is anything but. They are about themselves more than democracy. They cannot preach to us with a straight face ever again.

In 2008 Obama promised over and over,  he would be closing, within a year, the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. His opponents told him over and over that would be impossible. He failed in year one of course and will fail to do it in eight years. He tried. Just 45 detainees remain, down from the 242 when he took office. It is estimated a third of those Obama has released have returned to the battle field.

How many cabinet designees will be in place at noon tomorrow? The best estimate is three. We have watched the hearings and to borrow a Hillary term we find it “deplorable” how the Democratic senators are conducting themselves. They have been nothing short of nasty in their negative questioning. The MSM coverage has also been biased and negative. Here we have successful individuals willing to come serve their country and they have to take this? Think of the one that has gotten so much coverage. Rep. Tom Price who will head HHS and replace Obamacare. You have no doubt heard he traded stock in companies he knew about in his role while in Congress. Well, he said he turned his stock over to a blind trust, did you hear that? Or, how about this, the stock in question generated a profit of, are you ready for this, $300.00. Did you hear that on the MSM or from Elizabeth Warren as she tried to crucify the man? Simply ridiculous.
By the way, Trump nominated his cabinet sooner than Obama and Bush did. They had seven approvals by inauguration. Do you think Republicans loved Obama’s choices? Trump will be lucky to have three.

Twenty four hours.


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  1. Good riddens with them all!!!! They should all be ashamed of themselves for acting like babies! They need to grow up!!

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