Three days …..


With three days to the inauguration the hysteria is increasing. Let’s talk about that.

First we acknowledge that Trump’s failure to take the high road has helped feed the media frenzy and provided liberal Democrats some red meat. As long as he tweets unfiltered this will continue and hurt his presidency. We repeat, a checked tweet to assure he is on message and off personal attacks would serve him well. It would also improve his poll ratings and frustrate his enemies. Isn’t that reason enough to do it? Make the tweets work for and not against him. Will he ever get it?

That said, the actions of liberal Democrats is beyond the scope of acceptability. They are proving our often repeated refrain that the tolerant left is anything but tolerant. Tolerance ends when they don’t get their way.

Fortythree, as of this writing, Democrat congressional individuals have said they are not attending the inauguration. Let’s put that in perspective. They are not boycotting a state of the union or political speech. They are boycotting the very foundation of our democracy. The peaceful transfer of power in government. That is how the United States of America operates as opposed to, at the end barrel of guns or tanks. A fair media would condemn this and not just some tweets. All of the boycotters are by the way in safe districts. Not exactly acts of political courage.

They say they are supporting Congressman John Lewis and the illegitimate Trump election. First the election was legitimate, even the current President said so. Second Congressman Lewis said this is the “first” inauguration he has boycotted. Sorry congressman, this is the second one. You boycotted the inauguration of George W. Bush, calling it illegitimate. Maybe you just think every non Democrat elected is illegitimate. Don’t worry though, the MSM won’t hold you accountable.

We’re also hearing so much about Obamacare in the press and how people are going to be hurt by Trump and the new congress. Really? What is the plan to repeal and replace? Oh, not announced yet? So how do you know it is going to hurt and destroy lives? You should at least hold your criticism until you know what the plan is. The President Elect has said no one will be left without coverage, did you hear that? Where is the MSM on this?

On Obamacare, how much blame do the Democrats own for this mess? Remember this was the first piece of social welfare legislation passed with 100% partisan support. Not a single Republican voted for it. Why? Because Obama and team pushed it through quickly when Scott Brown (R) won the Massachusetts seat meaning there would be only 59 Democrats. They knew when he took his seat they would be one vote short. So we got Nancy Pelosi’s famous, “you need to pass it to know what’s in it”. Now you criticize, before you see it, because it’s not yours. Hypocrisy at it’s finest, with MSM support of course.

We have heard Democrats say continuously it is okay to call Trump illegitimate, after all some Republicans questioned Obama and where he was born. I get that, but a question. Why didn’t Obama simply release the birth certificate years before he did? Why did he wait years to do so? He could have put the issue to bed, but let it linger for political advantage.

Did you hear this on the MSM? The Clinton Global Initiative is laying off people and shutting down. Why? Donations have ceased. What a surprise. Here’s the story:

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