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With four days and a few hours left in the Obama presidency have you ever seen so much hysteria in the media? Democrats, liberals and their supporters in the MSM began a narrative weeks ago that Trump stole the election. They have reached the point where they have now actually convinced themselves. Then add the President elect’s penchant to tweet crazy and get into the mud with them and you get what we have.

First off with Congressman John Lewis, both he and Trump are wrong. The congressman has no basis or right to say that Donald Trump will be an illegitimate President. He won the election. You inflame half America with outrageous statements like that. You lost, get over it. Then Trump, instead of taking the high road attacks Lewis, which is a sure losing position. All Trump had to do was to say he was disappointed in Lewis’ statement and hoped to work with him and others to make lives better for all Americans. He would have won the moment instead of dragging himself down into the gutter.

Now for those who continue saying that the presidency is illegitimate, let’s look at the facts:
The Russians did not hack voting booths.
The Russians, as the Chinese and Americans do, try  to hack foreign leaders all the time.
The DNC was warned and did nothing to protect their databases.
The RNC did do something to protect theirs.
John Podesta was hacked because he gave up his information to a hacker.
He should have more sense than use the word password as his password.
Hillary was a flawed candidate with incredible negatives.
She was the one who set up a private server, not the Russians.
It was the Clinton Foundation that she is part of that came under scrutiny.
It was she who didn’t campaign as hard as Trump and go to the key states she lost.

As for es Clinton campaign staffers, get a job. You blew the campaign. Yet look at them now:
Brian Fallon, Hillary’s spokesperson, is on TV fueling the Russians stole the election. No Brian, Americans voted for Donald Trump over her, because of her, not the Russians.
Former Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri used Twitter to circulate maps of protest sites for Mr. Trump’s inauguration on Friday. Way to support democracy Jennifer. You lost.
Neera Tanden, a policy adviser on Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, has made her anti-Trump stance part of her Twitter identity — changing her avatar to the word “Resist.”

You want to know a rigged election? It was the Democratic party primary. Remember the party chair (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) had to resign because of a Hillary bias? Remember her replacement (Donna Brazile) fed Hillary debate questions ahead of time? Here’s an article with six more reasons it was rigged:

Now Trump feeds the MSM frenzy to get him with his tweets. We don’t think he should stop tweeting, but someone like Kellyanne Conway needs to read them first. If he used twitter to sidestep the hostile MSM it would be genius. However, he is so egotistical that his immediate reaction is too defensive, personal and attacking. He needs the messaging to be fine tuned and he can frustrate them to no end. Will he do that? We doubt it, as his ego is too big and it may well lead to his downfall.

To the MSM who continue to attack Trump because he feuded with CNN. Really?  As we said last week where were they when the Obama and team attacked Fox for eight years? Is journalism only liberal supported?

Obama continues to leave his mark and we wonder who and how many he will pardon this week. He is not going quietly as past Presidents did. Today he has the Chicago Cubs in. Wednesday a press conference. Thursday the pardons. Will he pardon “Bowe” Bergdahl? Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning? Hillary? How many will he transfer from Guantanamo?  I doubt it will get much MSM coverage but this will be interesting to watch.

Plus he gave VP Joe Biden the highest civilian medal possible last week. Does everyone know Biden’s past? Here’s an article from Slate magazine you might want to read.

Finally did you see that Lockheed Martin now says “there is a way for them to cut costs” after Trump pressured them? Not much coverage of this, but add them to the list of companies he has impacted already.


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