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Some questions as we watch the MSM stew and the hearings continue.

How do these phony politicians look themselves in the mirror?
Yesterday we mentioned the unprecedented move by Cory Booker to testify against a fellow senator, Jeff Sessions. The message as always with the liberal left is, he’s a racist. He gave no personal testimony, simply trying to establish ground for a presidential run in 2020. Well take a look at this video, from last year, where Booker partnered with Jeff Sessions on a civil rights legislation. Note Booker’s words that he was “honored to partner” with him.

Why are MSM all defending CNN from yesterday’s press conference?
First they had already asked a question. What network gets to ask two, ever? Next the reporter was rude and out of line, as most American’s know. Yet ABC, MSNBC and others rise up and say the media is being mistreated and they can’t allow that to happen. Really? Where were you all when Obama bashed Fox so many times? Where were you when Hillary refused to go on Fox? Where were you when the administration was boycotting Fox? Not a word from any of you. Why? Is it only wrong when a liberal network features a false story and doesn’t get their way?

You’re boycotting LL Bean, why?
The liberal left is boycotting LL Bean because “one of its owners donated money to help elect Donald Trump”. What? The granddaughter of founder Leon Bean, is one of 10 members of the retailer’s board and drew the ire of liberals by donating to Trump. She didn’t donate from the company, just as an individual. Now a little history. The CEO of the company has long donated to Democrats, including President Obama twice. Did conservatives boycott then? One more example of the “tolerant left” being tolerant only if you agree with them.

We think you should keep an eye out for this:
Remember when the terrorists killed Americans by chopping off their heads like the WSJ reporter? Do you remember seeing videos before the beheadings asking Obama to save their lives? Probably not, because the media held them back. Watch what happens now. The media has already played a video numerous times of two hostages asking Trump to make a deal with the terrorists for them. It won’t happen, but just watch how they play the videos and portray Trump now.

The Affordable Care Act:
So the Republicans have committed to kill the act. In a straight party vote yesterday, a budget resolution passed, instructing GOP-led committees to draft repeal legislation by Jan. 27.  There’s a lot here. 2017, after he left office, was the period where Obama had it set up for the costs to skyrocket and the real issues arise. If they cancel the act on the 27th, people will never know what was going to happen.
What will they replace it with? We really don’t know if there is an answer here. How do you insure twenty to thirty million people for free, keep costs down and insure system viability?
I do know Republicans want the act repealed and a new one put in place for a number of reasons. Besides cost and care there is another big reason. They don’t want to fix a healthcare act that is called Obamacare.

Soros lost what?
Democrat and Liberal donor George Soros was “cautious about the market going into November and became more bearish immediately after Mr. Trump’s election”.  Thus the analysis is he lost nearly $1 billion as a result of the stock-market rally spurred by Donald Trump’s surprise presidential election. Don’t you feel bad for him?

Big day for cabinet hearings with Mattis, Carson and Pompeo up.

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