Month: January 2017

Here We Go …

No matter who Trump nominated the Democrats intended to make an issue of it. The noise you will hear about Neil Gorsuch is not about his nomination, but about the next one. The senate voted unanimously for Gorsuch to be a federal judge. If you saw him speak last night you had to be impressed. They know this one is getting through. They are starting work on stopping his next nomination. Plus if Trump says today is Wednesday, they say no it isn’t.

Interestingly the noise about the 90 day travel ban subsided on Tuesday as we predicted. Everyone is cleared, the policy is in place and everyone understands the rules. A little advance notice could have avoided a part of the mess. Also, it seems like the MSM finally understood it was not a Muslim or permanent ban. Maybe they saw the polls that the American people support the move.

Now take a step back. Trump got inaugurated on Friday. As he did there were violent demonstrations a few miles away. One third of the Democratic Congressional members did not show up. Web sites developed immediately like “Not My President”. The next day was the Women’s march. Cabinet nominees were held up for no real reason. His 90 day ban resulted in mass demonstrations. The former President spoke out against his policies. His supreme court nominee was attacked before being nominated. From all that you can see what the left has planned for the four years.

Only the fifth cabinet nominee was approved yesterday. (Obama had 12 already). It was, Elaine Chao who is the wife of senate leader McConnell and a former cabinet member.
Now, think how long it took and consider this, the vote was 93-6 in favor. In those numbers you can see the Democrats are just practicing obstructionist goals simply for political purposes.
In continuing the Senate delay, on Tuesday Democrats refused to attend a committee vote on two of President Trump’s nominees. Thus, no quorum, effectively delaying their consideration. Republicans expressed outrage at the move, while Democrats gathered outside the Senate Finance Committee hearing room to outline their gripes with the selections.
“I can’t understand why senators, who know we’re going to have these two people go through, can’t support the committee,” said Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). “I’m very disappointed in this kind of crap. … Some of this is because they just don’t like the president. This is the most pathetic thing I’ve seen in my whole time in the United States Senate”.
In addition they used procedural rules to push Jeff Sessions vote as Attorney General back another day. Why? Because they could.

The question is how will the American people react? If they decide the left is out of control the Democrats will be hurt. If they decide the MSM and protesters are right then in two years congress changes. How the economy does may make all the difference.

In the eleven days Trump has been President people have supported him, according to the polls, more than the media and leftists on the streets:
His daily approval ratings stand today at 51% positive.
Plus, 47% think the country is headed in the right direction. This is the highest per cent in 12 years.
You saw the support for the ban at 57%.
Here’s another survey on the media released yesterday:
A new Edelman study shows that Americans trust the media less than ever. Only 15 percent of Trump voters now trust the media, down six points since the presidential election.
Trust of the media among Clinton supporters is also down. Only 51 percent of Clinton supporters trust the media, down six points.
It couldn’t happen to a more biased group. Give the people credit.

We all saw the leader of the left, Chuck Schumer, cry over the 90 day ban. Did you know that in November 2015, Schumer considered a similar pause in the refugee program to allow for closer vetting?
“Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), the third ranking member of the Senate Democratic leadership, on Tuesday said it may be necessary to halt the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the United States”. Here’s the article:

On Sally Yates, she deserved to be fired. End. Her job was not to set  policy but execute it. She did it for publicity and because of her leftist feelings. There is no argument on this.

Buckle Up ……

The words for Trump in week two are — buckle up. The supreme court choice tonight will blow the roof off Washington. Forget the most likely choice was approved unanimously just a decade ago by the senate to be a federal judge. The MSM and left are unhinged.

Some other thoughts today:

We repeat, the Trump team should have handled the 90 day ban better and communicated rules clearly. As predicted yesterday all of 109 cases are cleared. It could have been zero if handled correctly from the start.
It would not have stopped negative coverage because the media would have gone to foreign airports to find “victims”.

However, the hysteria and MSM coverage is way off base:
It is a 90 day ban, not a permanent one.
It is not a Muslim ban.
It was not just countries he did not do business in. The early polls show the American people support Trump’s action.
Watching the MSM they are biased and leading you in a different direction.
Will media coverage change public opinion? Keep an eye on this.
The Rasmussen poll released Monday said by 57-33 we support the ban.

Why is the coverage so negative. Because they are so far left that fairness is not possible. Want examples?
Do you know what ABC’s George Stephanopoulos wife said this about Trump’s election and their children on the air?
– “It’s scary because the world is so unpredictable and so different,” adding that her 11-year-old now sleeps in bed with her and Stephanopoulos because she is afraid of terror attacks from ISIS.
-“It just involves my 14-year-old getting upset about the election and screaming ‘no abortions’ really loudly”.
Where did their daughters get those feelings? From their parents’ biases.
On GMA yesterday morning George was downright angry at Trump’s 90 day ban (without saying a timeframe).
Did he ever present an opposite view? No.
Here’s the story if you want to read it:

Here’s another story and example. Do you remember an 11 year old cursing and bragging about starting a fire on the air during the protests last week? Do you know that was Drew Carey’s son? Here’s the tape and story. Would you be proud of your kid? Hollywood is.

I watched a debate on CNN where a pro ban person destroyed the anti person. After four minutes of devastation to the anti side, on comes Chris Cuomo to attack the pro person. Oh he’s fair. It was his brother who last week said “take me first”.  It was his Father who thought Reagan was a disaster. Now he offers opinion as news.

The media is biased. Do you hear from them that President Obama banned immigration from Iraq for six months? Why did he do it? Because two potential terrorists were found in the U.S. and he wanted an increased vetting process. What did Trump do now? A 90 day ban to develop an increased vetting process. Why did the people not protest then? Is it because the media didn’t cover it with all the hysteria of today?  Of course, you see Obama couldn’t be racist, only Trump.
We repeat again the countries impacted now were Obama identified in December 2015. . Here’s the story:

By the way, why is necessary to await an attack to take action? How about proactive action to protect our people? If Bill Clinton hadn’t been preoccupied maybe we could have taken Osama out before he murdered 3,000+ of our citizens. Of course the media would have called us barbaric if we had done that. But when you impact history you don’t wait to be impacted first.

Did you see this from Susan Rice? She called Trump’s naming his national security council members this way: “This is stone cold crazy, after a week of crazy”. This from the woman who went on every Sunday show and told us Benghazi was over a video. Thank you Susan we’ll get our counsel and advice elsewhere.

Still only four cabinet members approved and now we had an issue. The Acting Attorney General (because congress has not voted on Jeff Sessions yet) was an Obama hold out. Last night she told Justice Department lawyers not to defend President Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees. Of course not, she heard ex President Obama say he didn’t agree with it, as Obama took a whole ten days to get involved. (The opposite of the Bushes who saw involvement unpresidential). So now we have a crisis because the AG won’t do her job.
Trump then fires her which she and everyone expected. We thought he shouldn’t do that.
Instead he should have pressed to get Sessions in place today. By the firing, she is a left hero and glorified on every MSM station today, and going forward. It would have been better to get Sessions approved and fire all the holdovers who refuse do their job. It would have resulted in far less coverage and no hero-ville that way.
So get ready today for Nixon references since he fired the AG, but for a whole different reason. The media will love mentioning Nixon and Trump in the same sentence.

Remember the poll above from Rasmussen as you watch the coverage and keep an eye on how they change the numbers going forward.


Blame to share ….

The major issue today is the seven country ban. So let’s examine it.

First the Trump administration made a mistake. They implemented the changes with no advance planning or warning. Thus the issue on Saturday was created because people were in transit that began under one set of rules and by the time they arrived it was another. Look at the numbers and you will understand. 325,000 arrived in the U.S. Saturday. Only 109 were held at American airports. By tomorrow the Saturday issues go away because we understand the rule. It will be replaced by a fight over the executive order.
The Trump team could have avoided some of this with correct planning.

Now let’s get to the policy. Let’s start by debunking the media talking points.
– This was a NOT a Muslim ban. It was a ban on seven countries.
– This was NOT a permanent ban. It was 90 day ban until we set a policy.
– These countries were not chosen because Trump did not do business in them. They were identified by congress and the Obama administration.
– Yes, additional countries can be added to the list as the review goes on.
The ban was set up as Trump outlined all campaign to set up “an extreme vetting process”, to understand better “who is coming into the country”.

A loyal reader of this blog sent us this note at 6AM Sunday.
“Dan – Am I missing something about the thought process regarding “extreme vetting”? Why is it different than the physicals and quarantine used at Ellis Island to ensure that we didn’t inadvertently introduce disease into the US…? If there were refugees coming from an area of the world that was ravaged by Ebola, I don’t think anyone would be up in arms about an extreme vetting process being put in place for it. Well, Radical Islamic Terrorism is a disease of ignorance and mental deficiency and in my mind requires just as strenuous a vetting process so that we don’t inadvertently introduce disease or collateral damage into the US in the name of compassion… Thoughts?”.
Our readers are smart and logical.

The MSM and anti Trump left saw this as another opportunity to attack and an example of Trump’s “racist” attitude. Led by liberal anchors, Chuck Schumer crying, supportive Republicans like John McCain and ready to protest leftists they made a lot of noise that gave a different impression. I bet most people believe this is a Muslim ban, and against countries Trump identified. Both of those thoughts are wrong.

So what’s the story with Schmuer? Here’s a story in the newspaper before the tears that will tell you.
“Enraged that Schumer has voted in favor of several Cabinet nominees, a coalition of political, environmental and anti-poverty organizations led by the Working Families Party plans to protest near Schumer’s Park Slope, Brooklyn, home and at his Peekskill office this week.
“The Democratic base wants full-on resistance to everything this president does,” said New York Communities for Change ­director Jonathan Westin.
Trump is not negotiating on any of his positions; he’s going full-steam ahead. We should take the stance we’re not going to collaborate on anything, he added”.
The intolerant left has no room for open thought.

Our view on the facts above were bolstered by the Sunday morning news shows where the Trump easily handled the hysteria.
Sean Spicer easily beat down Martha Raddatz when she tried to present this as the protesters shout it. The same on FoxNews Sunday where Conway handled Chris Wallace. Then on Meet The Press Reince Priebus handled Chuck Todd the same way.

By the way Canadian President Trudeau said would Canada would welcome those fleeing “persecution, terror and war. Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith”.

Lost with the weekend hysteria was Trump’s executive order. The order requires every political appointee who has joined the executive branch on or after Jan. 20 — the day Trump took office — to agree to the lobbying bans.

President Trump signed a “swamp-draining” executive order Saturday — a five-year lobbying ban on members of the presidential administration after they leave government service.
Under the order, administration officials are also banned from ever lobbying the United States on ­behalf of a foreign government.

If Obama had done this we would have heard over and over about “the most ethical administration in history”. This deserves coverage.

Finally on the MSM, isn’t it incredible how they love John McCain today as he joins Democrats to fight Trump over and over? This is the same MCCain they mocked in 2008 running against Obama. Wonder what changed?

Meanwhile only four cabinet positions remain approved. And, here come a supreme court nominee.


The First Week of Work

Some quick observations and thoughts after week one:

The WSJ assessment on Trump’s first week, “he bedeviled his political opponents and delighted his supporters”.

It will take some getting used to having a president who says what he means and means what he says.

Still only four cabinet members approved. How about some MSM coverage?

Paying for the wall was always an issue. A 20% tariff? Are you ready to pay 20% more for your car? Corona? Cookies? Microwave? I didn’t think so.

A tariff is not a good idea. Mexico won’t pay outright. So how can it be done? Maybe reduce foreign aid to Mexico. Last year it was $390M.

I heard Geraldo say he was withdrawing his opposition to the wall. His daughter asked him don’t other countries have walls to keep people out?

Will Trump’s obsession with crowds be a draw for larger future demonstrations against him? I think so.

Was Hillary right, that someone who can be provoked with a tweet is dangerous in the WH? Could be.

What will happen when things get rough and the press is really on him?

I used to love a good discussion with liberal thinkers. That was when they were tolerant of thoughts. Liberals today have destroyed their credibility.

Their “not my president” stance is anti civil rights. If done against Obama imagine the high road they would they have taken.

Speaking of high roads, think of Michelle’s “if they go low, we go high” statement. You can’t get lower than we’ve witnessed this week.

Their intolerance is frankly intolerable. If only Trump could stay above it.

And the attacks on Baron, are so unacceptable. Imagine if this were on a Democrat family.

I can’t get over the arrogance of Democrat Mayors saying they are going to stay a sanctuary city. Why do they get to choose which laws to obey?

I heard Gov Cuomo align with them and say get me first. So Gov. if I come in your house and live, use your TV’s, eat your food spend your money that’s okay? Oh wait, that’s a law you want to follow?

No nation in the world allows open borders, yet liberals are chiding us for doing what every other nation does.

Add the liberal misinformation. “20 -30 Million will lose their insurance coverage”. That’s an outright lie as we have told you.

The lie with the Affordable Care Act was the act, how it was passed, funded and what we were told about it.

To the rioters last Friday who broke windows and damaged Starbucks and Bank of America. You know both of them backed Hillary with large dollars?

And what a contrast in tone between yesterday’s Pro Life march and last Saturday’s woman march. VP Pence speaking of compassion and sanctity of life vs. Madonna and Ashley Judd anger.

On ABC yesterday, Trump and Putin to speak Saturday, the first time they have ever spoken. Really? Did you see your coverage before the election? I thought they were old buddies.

Last night Trump signed executive actions instituting new vetting “to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America.”
He said, “We want to admit those into our country who support our it and love deeply our people. We will never forget the lessons of 9/11”.

The MSM will see it differently. Watch how they cover this. When our parents and grandparents came they did so for the right reasons.

The fourth quarter economic numbers released yesterday. Plus 1.9%.  Obama is the first President to not have a single year growth of 3%.

Trump has promised a 4% growth.

Here’s a funny video of the liberal MSM mocking Trump’s candidacy and stating with ridicule how he would never win.
http://Best Compilation- People Who Laughed at TRUMP…and said he would never be President – FUNNY! – YouTube

Onto week two.


A Week That Was ….


As we reach the end of week one Trump had some run. Lot’s of positives and only two missteps. They were focusing on crowd size at the inauguration and illegal votes in the election. On every thing that mattered he was terrific. Of course the MSM focused on the non matter material.

As reported, Wednesday was eraser day for Obama immigration polices. Here’s how the Washington Times reported it:
“With a couple of strokes of his pen, President Trump wiped out almost all of President Obama’s immigration policies on Wednesday, laying the groundwork for his signature wall along the Mexican border, unleashing immigration agents to enforce the law and punishing “sanctuary cities” that try to defy federal law and thwart his deportation surge”.
Voting matters.

On the voter fraud investigation here’s what the time and money spent will find. No major fraud at all. Yes people are registered in multi states, and deceased people are on the rolls. Millions? Yes likely, but they don’t vote twice. The finding will be that the voting systems should be upgraded and changes made when people move or pass away.
Then Democrats will fight back because any attempt to require ID when voting or purge rolls is racist you know.
There you have the outcome before they even start.

Did you hear the recently pardoned Chelsea Manning ripped up Barack Obama? “Manning said the former president compromised too much and left a “vulnerable legacy” with “very few permanent accomplishments.”
Trump tweeted immediately, “Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader. Terrible!”
Did you hear this on the MSM? No, you know why? Because it is a negative for Obama.

You likely didn’t hear this either. President Trump has vowed to “load” up the American prison in Cuba “with some bad dudes”. From an Obama defined “disgrace”, to housing more “bad dudes”. Elections have consequences.

Here’s one more on the differences in leadership. Conservatives support Trump’s plan for “extreme vetting” of immigrants of individuals with strong terrorist bases. What do liberals think? Well here’s former Clinton Secretary of State Madeline Albrights reaction:
“I stand ready to register as Muslim” if President Donald Trump institutes any efforts on Muslims. Can you see Mad Dog Mattis or Rex Tillerson ever having a stand like that? Voting matters.

So the meeting with Mexico’s President was cancelled. On Wednesday Mexican officials indicated he was thinking of cancelling because of Trump’s plan to go forward with the wall. Then Trump tweeted “If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting”. So Mexico did. Here’s our prediction:
Trump’s strong economic actions will lead to much MSM hysteria about a trade war and it will even impact the stock market. But Trump is tough and a negotiator and he will not back down. He knows the world needs the U.S. market more than we need them. He will win here and the market will rebound as a trade war that was to be, does not occur.

———————– JUST SAYING ————————-

With the MSM still stuck on Trump’s election fraud he should answer this way. I want this investigation so the Russians can never hack an American election again. Then ask the reporter: Don’t you agree?

So Sanctuary Cities say they will not comply with federal demands. Let’s understand this now. The U.S. law is, if you catch an illegal you must turn them over for deportation. That’s the law. So the Mayors of these cities say we will not do it. Thus they are breaking the law. Why are they heroes for breaking federal law? Answer, because the MSM makes them one. You don’t like the laws, you change them, but the law is the law. What gives anyone the right to choose what laws they follow?

Which goes for the border wall too. Why is it every country can enforce it’s borders but we are wrong to do it? Since France and Germany stopped enforcing border control what has happened? Why do liberals and the MSM think border enforcement is wrong? If you favor controlled legal immigration, over people illegally coming into our country you are a racist.  That’s how they think. I think they are lost. Again, they are supporting illegal over lawful.

Ronald Reagan said it best when talking about the Berlin Wall. He said countries build walls to keep their people in. The United States builds walls to control who and how many come in. Liberals and the MSM have lost perspective.

The Republicans promised a public announcement on a replacement for the ACA (Obamacare) in two days. I don’t think they can meet that deadline. This is very complex and I still don’t know how you insure 20 to 30 million people for free and reduce costs. One person ends up with less coverage or increased costs and the MSM will have it on every show and in every newspaper. You know all the things they didn’t do when the ACA was rolled out by Obama.
By the way Trump is right that if left untouched in two years the ACA would blow up. Remember Obama set it up so everything would hit after he was out of office.

——————–          Finally    ————————–

Check this out from the NY Times on their interview with Steve Bannon:

Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump’s chief White House strategist, laced into the American press during an interview on Wednesday evening, arguing that news organizations had been “humiliated” by an election outcome few anticipated, and repeatedly describing the media as “the opposition party” of the current administration.

“The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile,” Mr. Bannon said during a telephone call.

“I want you to quote this,” Mr. Bannon added. “The media here is the opposition party. They don’t understand this country. They still do not understand why Donald Trump is the president of the United States.”

“The elite media got it dead wrong, 100 percent dead wrong,” Mr. Bannon said of the election, calling it “a humiliating defeat that they will never wash away, that will always be there.”

“The mainstream media has not fired or terminated anyone associated with following our campaign,” Mr. Bannon said. “Look at the Twitter feeds of those people: they were outright activists of the Clinton campaign.” (He did not name specific reporters or editors.)

“That’s why you have no power,” Mr. Bannon added. “You were humiliated.”

It’s Only Day Three


It was only day three of work for Trump but doesn’t it feel like much longer?

Immigration actions were announced and put into effect. Once again Trump created orders and actions to back his campaign promises. By now no one should be surprised. He promised a wall, and he is planning to build it. He promised extreme vetting and it is going to occur. He promised to withhold federal funding for sanctuary cities and he recommended it.

The Washington Times put it this way:
“With a couple strokes of his pen, President Trump wiped out almost all of President Obama’s immigration policies Wednesday, laying the groundwork for his own border wall, unleashing immigration agents to enforce the law, and punishing sanctuary cities who try to thwart his deportation surge”. We agree, except it was an eraser of Obama policies.

Reaction was immediate. The Mexican President said he may cancel his visit to the U.S. to meet with Trump. Why is that? Are we not allowed to build a wall on our border? Since when can’t a country do that?

Mayors for sanctuary cities (NY, LA, SF, Chicago) immediately reacted that they will not accept Trump’s decision. What are they going to do in those cities, vote against him next time?

There will be lots of noise from the left and MSM but so far the people are with the President. As you will see below his numbers are going up. Imagine if he could stay on message. Along those line we have some questions today:

——————–    JUST ASKING   ———————-

The press began the day focusing and ridiculing Trump on his voter fraud charges. They are likely right, he is way off on the claims. However, we ask this. How come you spent from election to inauguration day talking fraud because the Russians made Trump president? Now you found religion and “claims of fraud are paranoia”? So you mean Trump won fair and clear or is only one side allowed to question things?

Jim Comey who had the most impeccable reputation of anyone in government, before he got involved with the Clintons, survives and will keep his job, at least for the remainder of his appointment. There are not many who survive Clinton interaction. No doubt liberals will see a plot. Of course they loved him when he cleared her the first time. Remember?

Isn’t it crazy how the MSM keeps talking about how 18 to 20 million people are going to lose their coverage with the cancellation of Obamacare? I have heard the President and every leader say “replace”. I have heard them say children can stay on until 26. I have heard them say there will be no denial for pre conditions. How can they criticize what they haven’t seen yet? Are they defending Obamacare for it’s name? Certainly not for the way it was passed, with no review and the lies, “you can keep …”, and will reduce costs for people by $2,500. Just more MSM bias.

Did you see the MSM bash Trump’s inaugural speech as “dark and divisive”?  Well here’s a poll just released on the people’s reaction:
President Donald Trump received high marks from Americans on his inaugural address with 49 percent saying the speech was excellent or good and 39 percent rating it only fair or poor, a Politico/Morning Consult poll revealed. Here are the survey highlights:
65 percent of those polled reacted positively to the “America First” message.
55 percent said the speech was much better or somewhat better than expected.
51 percent described the speech as “optimistic.”
46 percent said the speech was “presidential.”
“President Trump knows what his voters like to hear, and you see that resonating once again in our latest poll,” said Kyle Dropp, Morning Consult’s chief research officer and co-founder told Politico.

The poll also found that 49 percent now view Trump favorably following his speech, while 44 percent view him unfavorably.”That’s a 7-point net swing from just before the speech”.

Did you know literally in the last hours of his administration Obama released $221 million dollars to the Palestines? Former Secretary of State John Kerry had officially notified Congress that his department would release the money last Friday morning, according to the news network. Congress had approved the funding, but lawmakers had placed holds on it. In the past, holds were honored. Did you hear that on the MSM?

Day four of week one tomorrow and Trump will rest   —- not. The man is all in. Some former presidents would have needed three weeks vacation by now in say, I don’t know, Hawaii.

A Tuesday like Monday


On Tuesday President Trump kept up his frantic pace. The MSM kept up their pettiness.

Before lunch he had met with the auto industry leaders and they came away committed to U.S. expansion.

Then he used his Obama eraser again. This time he signed five more executive orders. All were designed to speed approvals of high-profile energy and infrastructure projects to drive jobs.

One reversed the Obama ban on pipelines like the Keystone one. Trump approved them “with some restrictions”. Want to know a restriction? They must use U.S. steel for the lines. Trump wants the jobs from the pipeline; he says there are 28,000 plus the material that goes into them. Keystone was a lightning rod for Obama’s energy policy. They took seven years of review to make a decision, before ultimately killing it over environmental concerns.

Their will be major pushback. It took Bernie Sanders three minutes to promise a fight because of the environment. Michael Brune of the Sierra Club said “President Trump wil live to regret his actions this morning”. He said there will be “a wall of resistance the likes of which he never imagined.” Get ready.

He also signed an executive order fast-tracking approval for “high-priority infrastructure projects.” Under Trump’s order, any governor or Cabinet secretary can ask for a project to be designated as high-priority. If the chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality approves, the project will go to the front of the line for any agency required to review and approve the project.

In two days Trump has made it clear, there is a new sheriff in town and he wants to create jobs. He is a man who said what he meant, and meant what he said. Things will be interesting as leftists push back.

On the media. You’ve heard them tout how woman are against Trump? Did you hear that white women actually voted for Trump over Hillary?  Did you hear yesterday that he nominated a woman, Heather Wilson, to become the first Air Force Academy graduate to become secretary if the Air Force? I bet not.

You heard stories all over the MSM of General Flynn talking to the Russians in December and how that was the connection for all evil doing. Did you hear the FBI investigated and said there is nothing there? I bet not.

The media was still fixated on Trump’s crowd and illegal voting claims. He continues to feed them red meat for their biases and they continue to focus on that and not the positive actions occurring.  We say it again, he needs to zip his lips and control his tweeting fingers so he controls the message. It may just be a character flaw that he can’t correct.

You might hear this. The new, unlike the online home of the Obama administration, has no Spanish-language content. It’s the kind of news the MSM likes to air and print. It fits their narrative about racism and bias.

Trump says he will nominate a candidate for the supreme court next week. Get ready for a battle royal. Democrats are still seething over the senate not taking up Obama’s choice last year.

While Trump puts in hours not seen in the White House in 50 years he does seem to enjoy working. The Obama’s by the way continue their vacation. They left Palm Springs and moved on to the British Virgin Islands. They were flown in on Richard Branson’s private jet according to a report.

Cabinet watch. 4 approvals with two additional out of committee (Tillerson and Carson) but no final approval until next week. We repeat, ridiculous.

So Tuesday was like Monday, action packed. Now pay attention to Wednesday. We think there are immigration executive orders to be signed. The noise will be loud.

One more example of ABC bias. This from Ari Fleischer former spokesperson for GW Bush on the Saturday night press briefing and Monday’s follow up by Sean Spicer:

“[Spicer’s] briefing made me uncomfortable. It was too truculent, too tough. It looks as if the ball was dropped on Saturday,” is what Nightline quoted Fleischer as saying.

But Fleischer took to Twitter to complain that he had been taken out of context.

@Nightline proves Spicer right about MSM’s dedication to negativity. Here is what I told them in a taped interview: 1/4

Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) 11:18 AM – 24 Jan 2017

“It looks to me if the ball was dropped on Saturday, Sean recovered it and ran for a 1st down on Monday.” 2/4

— Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) 11:18 AM – 24 Jan 2017
Here is how they chopped my quote: “It looks to me if the ball was dropped on Saturday” after ABC referred to “deliberate falsehoods.” 3/4

— Ari Fleischer (@AriFleischer) 11:17 AM – 24 Jan 2017
If this is how the press reports, Trump is right to go after them. 4/4

And there you have it. The press hears and uses what it wants to support its narrative.

It Was Action Monday ….


Politicians often say they want to hit the ground running. President Trump did it yesterday in a sprint at 6:30 AM and never stopped until late into the night. The man does bring energy and a stamina we haven’t seen in the White House in a long time.

A lot has occurred already. An executive order on Friday began the action  that said no new regulations are to be issued. This is bigger than the MSM covered. Regulations have driven up costs and slowed U.S. business, and some believe, hurt as much as taxes. Obama (I have a pen and phone) in 2016 oversaw 3,852 new federal regulations, costing billions of dollars in both implementation and losses to businesses. There was also a record number of pages of red tape, with 97,110 pages printed on the 2016 Federal Register. If you’re a business this activity just caused too much time and effort while driving up costs. Now watch how they get reversed and cut. Trump is going to unleash U.S. business.

He started today with a business meeting and promised them tax cuts. Why? U.S. business taxes are among the highest in the world. He wants to cut them to make us competitive and bring jobs back. Seems logical right? That’s conservative thinking. Liberals thought raising taxes would increase revenue so we could spend more. The key now is to see if lower taxes drive increased revenue and not the debt.

Then he pulled us out of the TPP. This was akin to NAFTA for the Asia region. It was a bedrock of Obama’s policy involving 11 nations in the region. American workers will benefit from this. John McCain said this was bad. Isn’t he the man who had no clue about economics when he ran in 2008 against Obama? Listen to McCain on military matters, listen to Trump on jobs and business.

Here’s a stark example on the difference between liberal and conservative philosophy. Liberals like Obama, Hillary, and Bernie want to help people by increasing the minimum wage to $15. Conservatives like Trump want to create economic opportunity and expansion with jobs.

His next order, put a hiring freeze on the government, with the exception of the military. So, no one is being fired but as people leave or retire there jobs are not being filled. Believe me agencies will figure out how to do this and we will shrink the government. President Obama set a record for the size of the basic federal workforce, leaving office with more than 1.4 million people collecting government salaries in the civilian agencies in 2017. A 10 percent jump from the time he took office in 2009.

His third order was to reverse The Mexico City Policy.  This was originally announced by President Reagan in 1984 and required nongovernmental organizations to agree as a condition of receiving any federal funding that they “would neither perform nor actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations”. Bush 41 kept it in place. Clinton rescinded it. Bush 43 put it back in place. Obama rescinded it. “Elections have consequences”.

By mid afternoon he was meeting with union leaders who then met with him for a photo session and seemed to be supportive. And, other than he is a Republican why shouldn’t they be? Isn’t he promising to bring jobs back and doesn’t that increase their ranks? Well, they stepped outside and the union leaders called it the most “incredible” meeting they ever had with a leader. They better be careful before they cause a political realignment and we end up with their people voting for their interests.

Sean Spicer had his first official press briefing, and first meeting with the press since Saturday’s blow up. The conference was very professional and few questioners went back to Saturday. The network that went after him about Saturday was ABC. Their coverage has been so anti Trump that it is was not a surprise. They asked four questions all about Saturday, nothing about anything else. CBS accused Trump of stacking the front of the CIA briefing room with his people to get applause. Turns out no one from the Trump team was seated at all. Another MSM media attack for no reason. Maybe the CIA likes the idea of a President who will support their actions?

What made the day successful was the actions, leadership and two other things. He kept his comments under control and his tweeting focused.

One negative at days end. Still just three cabinet appointments approved as only CIA Director got through today.
Now Rubio, McCain and Graham are on board with Rex Tillerson. Like we’ve said before, they will all be approved.

Closing thought on day one.
Obama boasted that he had a pen. Trump brought an eraser with him.



And we’re under way


So much for honeymoons as one assumes the presidency. Before Trump left Blair House to go to mass on inauguration morning demonstrations that would turn violent were underway. On the morning after as he awoke, there were millions marching in protest. He hasn’t made a decision yet, but the protests are in force.

Then his press secretary called a news conference for Saturday night and it was like none I had ever seen. That makes two days in office and two never seen events. (A different inaugural speech and this press conference). The press secretary was angry and blasted the media. He knocked what he called negative and inaccurate coverage. He informed the press that this administration would fight back when in office.

The media was angered to say the least. So who’s right, and what does it mean?

First a warning. There is an old saying, never get into a verbal fight with someone who has access to unlimited print ink. Now that was said before the age of the internet and social media, but it is a dangerous position.

The media, for their part, is biased and this blog has been clear on our feelings about that. They are a little stunned. They beat up George W. Bush for eight years at will. They never got pushback. Then they had a love fest with Obama for eight years. So along comes Trump who they see as worse than Bush and they attack. Except Trump fires back with everything he has. They are shaken, angry, confused and very mad.

What happened on day one was this:

First the media went into the oval office to see Trump sign the cabinet nominating forms. One reporter (Time Magazine) put out a tweeted story that Trump had removed the Martin Luther King statue from the office. Now understand this. Each President hangs pictures and places mementos in the office that they choose. Obama removed a bust of Winston Churchill that was in the office since Dwight Eisenhower placed it there in 1952. He replaced it with the MLK statue. The English felt a little snubbed.

Trump brought the statue back to its original place, but did not take the King one out. He moved it to a different spot. The reporter reported he moved it out. No doubt the reporter believed it because he wanted to. He was sure Trump would do that, after all he is a racist. Except he didn’t. So the wrong report set off a false firestorm and was issue one.

Then on Saturday AM he awoke and watched the morning news. He did not like the station saying his turnout was low and less than Obama’s in 2008. They showed a picture that illustrated open areas compared to 2008. He got mad and said they were undercutting his crowd. That caused the Trump people to say the media was lying and the media to react. From what I can tell the turnout was lower than 2008, but who cares? The Nielsen media numbers were 30.6 million watching, which was greater than 2012, but less than 2008. So what? The all time record by the way is 1980 for Reagan– over 41 million.

Trump needs to get into his head he is President. He won and he needs to rise above such pettiness. He needs to lead and stop talking about who voted for him, how many turned out and how great he is. It will be fine to call out the media, but you better be right or they’ll bury you. He was right about the statue, but wrong on the crowd. How much about the crowd did you hear and see versus the statue? They control the airwaves. He controls his message.

It’s pretty clear President Trump is not going to get anything from the MSM, any support ever from the Hollywood elite or intolerant left. So he needs to govern for the average American and isolate them as radical. Let the statements like Madonna’s stand out and not drown them out with his ego insecurities. She thought about blowing up the White House because her candidate lost. Meryl Streep gave Roman Polanski a standing ovation, a man who raped a 13 year old girl and ran out of the country to avoid jail, but sees Trump as the problem. Let them ruin themselves, why does he have to get in the gutter with them?

If he continues to let his ego run him he will defeat himself and let them win. The 100 days of work start today. Expect a lot of action and hopefully a quieter off the cuff President.

Let’s close with another story you probably didn’t hear on the MSM. Responding to an article published by CNN originally entitled, “Nancy Sinatra not happy Trump using father’s song at inauguration,” the singer and actress replied:
“That’s not true. I never said that. Why do you lie, CNN?”

The speech, the day and tomorrow


It was the most unique inaugural speech in my memory.

Let’s begin with the clear message directed to his predecessors sitting right behind him. They did everything wrong. Think about Obama’s position as a globalist, one who stressed that he did not see American exceptionalism and we were a citizen of the world. Then there was George W. sitting there and his interventionist policies around the globe. Trump’s America First and attack on those polices was a direct hit. I have seen incoming administrations chart a new direction. I never witnessed the direct attack so stark in an inaugural . We are headed to a 180 degree change it appears.

The last time it was so clear was the change from Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan. Carter had gone on TV in a sweater and told us we were living beyond our means, that we needed to lower expectations. Reagan’s message was that we were Americans and we got here because we solved problems and did not shrink from them. He then proceeded to lead us to new heights.

So Trump’s challenge now is, he set a new direction and made some bold promises. We are going to eliminate radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth. How, I wonder? We are going to bring jobs back, which is great, but what happens to costs? If you add a 35% tariff that drives up costs. Companies are not going to take less profit. Add, that other countries will put tariffs back on us too. We are going to rebuild the infrastructure, add bridges, tunnels and fix inner cities. All for it, but where is the money coming from? Obama doubled the national debt to 20 trillion dollars, we have to get to balanced budgets. It is a challenge and I am all in his corner,  but this is not easy and need to see the path.

This blog has been no fan of Hillary Clinton as you know. In fact we think the only reason Trump won was she was more detested than him. That said, we give her kudos for showing up yesterday and attending the luncheon. That was a class act, especially knowing the crowd would be yelling “lock her up”. We will pass on saying anything negative today like with the Clinton Global Initiative laying off people and funding drying up she had nothing else to do.

Obama, too, had to be seething as he sat there listening to the speech knowing his legacy actions were under attack and going away. Yet when Trump finished he said “good job”. As I watched I thought he would say “good luck”. He hid things well. Better than Michelle did.

I thought Bush looked like he was in shock listening. But then again he often looked like that to me.

One more word on people. Mike Pence is a class act. Deeply religious, you can feel the goodness of his heart as he talks to veterans and police officers. I watched him address some yesterday and he was warm, sincere and spoke beautifully.

Today the protesters arrive and it will be massive. There may be more protesters than showed up yesterday for the inauguration. That is unprecedented and harkens back to the unpopularity of Trump and Clinton. I suspect today will be peaceful as opposed to yesterday where they were disgraceful.

We’re off in the Trump era.

The Last and First Day


On the last day Obama kept at it.

He commuted the sentences of another 332 convicted drug felons.
He set a Presidential record with 1,715.
He also pardoned 212 additional people.
He released four more terrorists from Guantanamo this morning.
This week alone he released 14 in total.
Then he wrote Congress a letter blasting them for not closing the base.

Until the end he believed that the American justice system was  injust. It was his core and he conveyed that message to his followers.

Followers who today will be protesting everywhere they can. To support them the Supreme Court said they have the right to be anywhere anyone else is. It used to be groups were separated, but the wisdom of the court changed that. Keep an eye out today.

The Obama team was before the Brooklyn Grand Jury trying to present their case to indict the police officer we referenced yesterday in the Eric Garner case. It is not over yet. They are still at it and until Jeff Sessions gets confirmed they control the justice department.

Speaking of cabinet members as of this writing none of Trump’s selections have been approved. (Remember, though nominated later seven of Obama’s were by now). The feeling is at most two will be approved today. Mattis at Defense and Kelly at Homeland Security. All are going to be approved but the intolerant left is grandstanding and it is a disgrace. They are treating successful business people as criminals. You know why? In Obama’s cabinet there was a grand total of five years business experience. They were different than Trump’s leaning on successful business people.

As for Trump we’ll get to all that beginning Monday. Suffice to say he wasn’t our first choice as long time readers know. He is our President and if he can somehow put his “me” and ego behind him he can do great things. Can he? Can he withstand the negative attacks and lead? Here’s hoping he achieves greatness for all of us, our children, grandchildren and generations to come. God bless you Mr. President.

Twenty-Four Hours


By the time you read this there will be 24 hours or less left before the transition is made from Obama to Trump. What should we watch for?

The Obama administration is not going quietly. On top of the pardons yesterday they are in Federal Court in NY today trying to get an indictment  against NYC Police Officer Daniel Pantaleo for the Eric Garner incident. To refresh your memory Garner’s death in Staten Island led to the “I can’t breathe” narrative. What has occurred since:
The SI Grand Jury reviewed the case and decided no charges were warranted.
Eric Holder and the federal government decided to conduct a review.
A federal grand jury in NY then heard the evidence but never brought charges. Local prosecutors and the FBI agents opposed charges.
Attorney General Lynch then directed federal agents to take over and took  NY based agents off the case.
The federal government is before the grand jury today trying to get charges brought before noon tomorrow.

So Obama may go out as he came in, charging police with abuse. Remember how it started with “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” in the Boston case (which he later said he regretted) because he rushed to judgement? It resulted in a beer summit at the White House. Now as his last act he may bring charges against an officer cleared twice.

When you add the false narrative from Ferguson of “hands up don’t shoot”,  you have to assume that at his core Obama thinks the police are wrong and wonder how this impacted the stark increase in police deaths.

The disgraceful boycott of the inauguration is now up to almost a third of Democrat House members. We say again, the tolerant left is anything but. They are about themselves more than democracy. They cannot preach to us with a straight face ever again.

In 2008 Obama promised over and over,  he would be closing, within a year, the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. His opponents told him over and over that would be impossible. He failed in year one of course and will fail to do it in eight years. He tried. Just 45 detainees remain, down from the 242 when he took office. It is estimated a third of those Obama has released have returned to the battle field.

How many cabinet designees will be in place at noon tomorrow? The best estimate is three. We have watched the hearings and to borrow a Hillary term we find it “deplorable” how the Democratic senators are conducting themselves. They have been nothing short of nasty in their negative questioning. The MSM coverage has also been biased and negative. Here we have successful individuals willing to come serve their country and they have to take this? Think of the one that has gotten so much coverage. Rep. Tom Price who will head HHS and replace Obamacare. You have no doubt heard he traded stock in companies he knew about in his role while in Congress. Well, he said he turned his stock over to a blind trust, did you hear that? Or, how about this, the stock in question generated a profit of, are you ready for this, $300.00. Did you hear that on the MSM or from Elizabeth Warren as she tried to crucify the man? Simply ridiculous.
By the way, Trump nominated his cabinet sooner than Obama and Bush did. They had seven approvals by inauguration. Do you think Republicans loved Obama’s choices? Trump will be lucky to have three.

Twenty four hours.




As we forecast last week Obama would go out with a bang and pardon many. We asked “Would he pardon Bergdahl, Manning or Hillary. How many would he release from Guanananmo”?  Well we got a partial answer yesterday (because there will be more today or tomorrow) and it’s as we thought.

First let’s understand who Manning is. An Army Pvt., Chelsea Manning (was Bradley Manning then) was convicted of stealing some 750,000 pages of classified and unclassified military documents. She then provided  them to WikiLeaks. Manning was convicted in a court of law to a 35-year sentence. She will now be released in May instead of her sentenced 2045 date. Senator Tom Cotton said it all for us, “I don’t understand why the president would feel special compassion for someone who endangered the lives of our troops, diplomats, intelligence officers and allies.”

Now think about what you just read. Stole classified documents. Gave them to Wikileaks. Harmed security for America. Hurt efforts overseas. May have caused deaths. Embarrassed our nation. Sentenced in a court of law. Freed by Obama after conviction in 2013. Manning gave the same Wikileaks the sensitive classified documents that Obama is so upset about because they released DNC and Podesta emails. In fact, he put sanctions on Russia because of it. He is angrier at the DNC leaks than U.S. classified and secret documents.

Manning was not alone. Obama also commuted the sentences of 208 others yesterday and an additional 64 received pardons.
The clemency grants brought Mr. Obama’s total number of commutations in office to 1,385, the most by any president in history and more than the previous 11 presidents combined.
The 64 pardons issued on Tuesday brought the president’s total in eight years to 212.
With more to come we are sure.

One more pardon of note that readers of this blog may well recall, The Puerto Rican Terror Group known as FALN. You may recall they were tied to more than 100 bombings in New York and other cities in the 1970s and 1980s. Among its notable attacks was a bombing at Fraunces Tavern in New York in 1975 that killed four people. They also bombed four government buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn on New Year’s Eve in 1982 that seriously wounded three police officers. The man freed, Oscar Lopez Rivera, was a FALN member who was serving a 70-year sentence after being convicted of numerous charges, including seditious conspiracy, a charge used for those plotting to overthrow the United States government.

I for one have trouble understanding Obama’s actions here. Yet today CNN reports his approval rating is nearing 60%.

For the past few days we’ve talked of the need for Trump to control his messaging and reiterated that Hillary lost to iom because she was more unpopular than him and not the Russians. Here’s a story recap in today’s WSJ that we think tells the story:
“TRUMP VOTERS HARBOR MIXED FEELINGS: President-elect Donald Trump owes his election in 2016 in part to voters like Deborah Forster, an independent in Michigan who had deeply mixed feelings about the Republican nominee. Ms. Forster, a 52-year-old attorney, voted for Mr. Trump mostly because she didn’t want Democrat Hillary Clinton to win. Now she is nervously watching as he prepares to enter the White House. She likes some of his cabinet picks, but isn’t pleased with his penchant for sending harsh tweets about everything from the U.S. intelligence community to actress Meryl Streep. She is one of a pivotal bloc of voters who harbored reservations about Mr. Trump but helped put him in the Oval Office. Their evolving view of Mr. Trump—whether their qualms are relieved or exacerbated by his performance—could tip the balance of public opinion, affecting how much leverage Mr. Trump will have with Congress and his prospects for uniting the country.”

The Journal also reports that 69% think “Mr. Trump’s use of Twitter is bad”. It can be such a positive if messaging is controlled.

Finally the number of Democratic congressional people not attending Friday is nearing 60. All are from safe districts as we reported. Disgraceful is our only comment. Note that all Democratic Senators are attending so far. Running statewide is a little different, though we would not be surprised if a few recently reelected senators don’t join the boycott. None up in 2018 will boycott. Political courage and idealism only goes so far.

Three days …..


With three days to the inauguration the hysteria is increasing. Let’s talk about that.

First we acknowledge that Trump’s failure to take the high road has helped feed the media frenzy and provided liberal Democrats some red meat. As long as he tweets unfiltered this will continue and hurt his presidency. We repeat, a checked tweet to assure he is on message and off personal attacks would serve him well. It would also improve his poll ratings and frustrate his enemies. Isn’t that reason enough to do it? Make the tweets work for and not against him. Will he ever get it?

That said, the actions of liberal Democrats is beyond the scope of acceptability. They are proving our often repeated refrain that the tolerant left is anything but tolerant. Tolerance ends when they don’t get their way.

Fortythree, as of this writing, Democrat congressional individuals have said they are not attending the inauguration. Let’s put that in perspective. They are not boycotting a state of the union or political speech. They are boycotting the very foundation of our democracy. The peaceful transfer of power in government. That is how the United States of America operates as opposed to, at the end barrel of guns or tanks. A fair media would condemn this and not just some tweets. All of the boycotters are by the way in safe districts. Not exactly acts of political courage.

They say they are supporting Congressman John Lewis and the illegitimate Trump election. First the election was legitimate, even the current President said so. Second Congressman Lewis said this is the “first” inauguration he has boycotted. Sorry congressman, this is the second one. You boycotted the inauguration of George W. Bush, calling it illegitimate. Maybe you just think every non Democrat elected is illegitimate. Don’t worry though, the MSM won’t hold you accountable.

We’re also hearing so much about Obamacare in the press and how people are going to be hurt by Trump and the new congress. Really? What is the plan to repeal and replace? Oh, not announced yet? So how do you know it is going to hurt and destroy lives? You should at least hold your criticism until you know what the plan is. The President Elect has said no one will be left without coverage, did you hear that? Where is the MSM on this?

On Obamacare, how much blame do the Democrats own for this mess? Remember this was the first piece of social welfare legislation passed with 100% partisan support. Not a single Republican voted for it. Why? Because Obama and team pushed it through quickly when Scott Brown (R) won the Massachusetts seat meaning there would be only 59 Democrats. They knew when he took his seat they would be one vote short. So we got Nancy Pelosi’s famous, “you need to pass it to know what’s in it”. Now you criticize, before you see it, because it’s not yours. Hypocrisy at it’s finest, with MSM support of course.

We have heard Democrats say continuously it is okay to call Trump illegitimate, after all some Republicans questioned Obama and where he was born. I get that, but a question. Why didn’t Obama simply release the birth certificate years before he did? Why did he wait years to do so? He could have put the issue to bed, but let it linger for political advantage.

Did you hear this on the MSM? The Clinton Global Initiative is laying off people and shutting down. Why? Donations have ceased. What a surprise. Here’s the story:

What is this?


With four days and a few hours left in the Obama presidency have you ever seen so much hysteria in the media? Democrats, liberals and their supporters in the MSM began a narrative weeks ago that Trump stole the election. They have reached the point where they have now actually convinced themselves. Then add the President elect’s penchant to tweet crazy and get into the mud with them and you get what we have.

First off with Congressman John Lewis, both he and Trump are wrong. The congressman has no basis or right to say that Donald Trump will be an illegitimate President. He won the election. You inflame half America with outrageous statements like that. You lost, get over it. Then Trump, instead of taking the high road attacks Lewis, which is a sure losing position. All Trump had to do was to say he was disappointed in Lewis’ statement and hoped to work with him and others to make lives better for all Americans. He would have won the moment instead of dragging himself down into the gutter.

Now for those who continue saying that the presidency is illegitimate, let’s look at the facts:
The Russians did not hack voting booths.
The Russians, as the Chinese and Americans do, try  to hack foreign leaders all the time.
The DNC was warned and did nothing to protect their databases.
The RNC did do something to protect theirs.
John Podesta was hacked because he gave up his information to a hacker.
He should have more sense than use the word password as his password.
Hillary was a flawed candidate with incredible negatives.
She was the one who set up a private server, not the Russians.
It was the Clinton Foundation that she is part of that came under scrutiny.
It was she who didn’t campaign as hard as Trump and go to the key states she lost.

As for es Clinton campaign staffers, get a job. You blew the campaign. Yet look at them now:
Brian Fallon, Hillary’s spokesperson, is on TV fueling the Russians stole the election. No Brian, Americans voted for Donald Trump over her, because of her, not the Russians.
Former Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri used Twitter to circulate maps of protest sites for Mr. Trump’s inauguration on Friday. Way to support democracy Jennifer. You lost.
Neera Tanden, a policy adviser on Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, has made her anti-Trump stance part of her Twitter identity — changing her avatar to the word “Resist.”

You want to know a rigged election? It was the Democratic party primary. Remember the party chair (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) had to resign because of a Hillary bias? Remember her replacement (Donna Brazile) fed Hillary debate questions ahead of time? Here’s an article with six more reasons it was rigged:

Now Trump feeds the MSM frenzy to get him with his tweets. We don’t think he should stop tweeting, but someone like Kellyanne Conway needs to read them first. If he used twitter to sidestep the hostile MSM it would be genius. However, he is so egotistical that his immediate reaction is too defensive, personal and attacking. He needs the messaging to be fine tuned and he can frustrate them to no end. Will he do that? We doubt it, as his ego is too big and it may well lead to his downfall.

To the MSM who continue to attack Trump because he feuded with CNN. Really?  As we said last week where were they when the Obama and team attacked Fox for eight years? Is journalism only liberal supported?

Obama continues to leave his mark and we wonder who and how many he will pardon this week. He is not going quietly as past Presidents did. Today he has the Chicago Cubs in. Wednesday a press conference. Thursday the pardons. Will he pardon “Bowe” Bergdahl? Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning? Hillary? How many will he transfer from Guantanamo?  I doubt it will get much MSM coverage but this will be interesting to watch.

Plus he gave VP Joe Biden the highest civilian medal possible last week. Does everyone know Biden’s past? Here’s an article from Slate magazine you might want to read.

Finally did you see that Lockheed Martin now says “there is a way for them to cut costs” after Trump pressured them? Not much coverage of this, but add them to the list of companies he has impacted already.


Just Asking ….


Some questions as we watch the MSM stew and the hearings continue.

How do these phony politicians look themselves in the mirror?
Yesterday we mentioned the unprecedented move by Cory Booker to testify against a fellow senator, Jeff Sessions. The message as always with the liberal left is, he’s a racist. He gave no personal testimony, simply trying to establish ground for a presidential run in 2020. Well take a look at this video, from last year, where Booker partnered with Jeff Sessions on a civil rights legislation. Note Booker’s words that he was “honored to partner” with him.

Why are MSM all defending CNN from yesterday’s press conference?
First they had already asked a question. What network gets to ask two, ever? Next the reporter was rude and out of line, as most American’s know. Yet ABC, MSNBC and others rise up and say the media is being mistreated and they can’t allow that to happen. Really? Where were you all when Obama bashed Fox so many times? Where were you when Hillary refused to go on Fox? Where were you when the administration was boycotting Fox? Not a word from any of you. Why? Is it only wrong when a liberal network features a false story and doesn’t get their way?

You’re boycotting LL Bean, why?
The liberal left is boycotting LL Bean because “one of its owners donated money to help elect Donald Trump”. What? The granddaughter of founder Leon Bean, is one of 10 members of the retailer’s board and drew the ire of liberals by donating to Trump. She didn’t donate from the company, just as an individual. Now a little history. The CEO of the company has long donated to Democrats, including President Obama twice. Did conservatives boycott then? One more example of the “tolerant left” being tolerant only if you agree with them.

We think you should keep an eye out for this:
Remember when the terrorists killed Americans by chopping off their heads like the WSJ reporter? Do you remember seeing videos before the beheadings asking Obama to save their lives? Probably not, because the media held them back. Watch what happens now. The media has already played a video numerous times of two hostages asking Trump to make a deal with the terrorists for them. It won’t happen, but just watch how they play the videos and portray Trump now.

The Affordable Care Act:
So the Republicans have committed to kill the act. In a straight party vote yesterday, a budget resolution passed, instructing GOP-led committees to draft repeal legislation by Jan. 27.  There’s a lot here. 2017, after he left office, was the period where Obama had it set up for the costs to skyrocket and the real issues arise. If they cancel the act on the 27th, people will never know what was going to happen.
What will they replace it with? We really don’t know if there is an answer here. How do you insure twenty to thirty million people for free, keep costs down and insure system viability?
I do know Republicans want the act repealed and a new one put in place for a number of reasons. Besides cost and care there is another big reason. They don’t want to fix a healthcare act that is called Obamacare.

Soros lost what?
Democrat and Liberal donor George Soros was “cautious about the market going into November and became more bearish immediately after Mr. Trump’s election”.  Thus the analysis is he lost nearly $1 billion as a result of the stock-market rally spurred by Donald Trump’s surprise presidential election. Don’t you feel bad for him?

Big day for cabinet hearings with Mattis, Carson and Pompeo up.

Hearings, Press Conferences and Legacies


What a news day and week, as Obama says good bye, the chosen cabinet members get grilled, the President Elect holds a contentious press conference, and news outlets get called out. Wow. Let’s take them one by one.

Obama gave his farewell speech and as you knew he would, he claimed victory. “Yes we can” became “yes we did”. His audience believed him. We gave our grades last week and Monday. In our opinion, no he didn’t.
He’s not going away, and unlike past presidents we expect Obama to be vocal and attacking the administration. He is dedicated to what he thinks America should be.

The hearings are hard to watch. The sacramoneous attitude of those opposing nominees like Jeff Sessions for attorney general is sickening. Watching Cory Booker break precedent and testify as an active senator against another was simply a disgusting political act. He offered nothing except stories of the civil rights movement and nothing on Sessions. He did it for political purposes, an early start for his 2020 presidential run, and turned the hearing political. What a shame, such far cry from when we had statesmen in office.

I watched them grill Rex Tillerson, too. Will someone explain to me why a businessman who made deals with Russia and other countries to grow his business, drive growth and increase profits is so disturbing to Democrats and liberals? Is it because the top eight (8) of Obama’s appointments had only 5 years business experience (but a full government one)? Tillerson had 41+ years in business alone. We elected a businessman and want a change. As Obama said when he won, “elections have consequences”.

Trump’s news conference certainly says buckle up for four years of media battles. The conference opened with his new PR secretary attacking the CNN and Buzz Feed story that alluded to Russian tapes on Trump, that he denied. VP Elect Pence then repeated some denunciations and introduced Trump. Then it got really interesting as Trump battled the press. He called out CNN big time and it got nasty. The conference was set to explain his business decisions (he is exiting and his sons are running it, as well as turning profits from international travelers to his hotel over to the federal government). But the media was far more interested in anything Russian. Trump supporters will love his actions at the conference. The anti Trump  people will think he was arrogant and probably naive. It was different for sure, and the next four years will be wild. The big loser today was CNN.

Stay tuned, the news is interesting and we’re still nine days to inauguration.

How many hardened terrorists will Obama release this week from Guantanamo? Where is the coverage on this travesty and the fact so many he has released are back in battle? Who wants to be the one to tell a Mother her son was killed because Obama wanted Guantanamo closed?



The Painting Difference


You can tell all you need to know about your politics, values, issues and where you stand by what is happening this week on the Hill with a painting. You see, each congress person holds a painting event in their district and then hangs some in the congressional building.  Well, Congressman Lacy Clay of Missouri (he reprsents the Ferguson area of the now infamous false narrative of “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” fame), has hung a picture that is a depiction of police officers as pigs.

The painting won first place in Missouri’s 1st Congressional District and now hangs in a tunnel between the Capitol building and Longworth House Office Building. It shows two officers as pigs with guns while protesters march towards them carrying signs that read “history,” “stop killing” and “racism kills.”

Police and many congresspeople found it offensive and wanted it down. Congressman Duncan Hunter (Republican from California) took it down and brought it back to Congressman Clay’s office.

End of story? Not exactly. After demanding it be put back Clay told  Capitol Police he wants to press theft charges against Hunter for removing the artwork Friday.

So you decide where your values lie. If you think the picture is a disgrace to put up, and based upon a false narrative to start, your values lean right. If you think the police are murderous pigs and should be depicted as so, you lean left and a member of today’s Democratic party.

Here’s links to two stories on the issue.

A Final Grade ….


Having shared and graded the Obama Legacy Thursday and Friday on domestic and foreign affairs, today we will provide our initial grade overall with nine days left in his presidency.

Obama came into office as we indicated Thursday in a tough economic moment. He had the support of the country for both, the situation he inherited and the hope he brought as the first African- American President. Citizens of all stripes were with him to lead us out of the mess and into a brighter tomorrow.

He came promising hope and change and his goal was to fundamentally change America forever. He brought and espoused a vision of a fairer America at home and a simple member of the world community abroad. He saw America as biased and clinging to its religion and guns. He saw a world where America was at fault for most of its ills. We should be one of the world community and not lead or get involved. He thought if he spoke softly and even subtly apologized the wounds would heal, the rivers part and the sun shine. He had an idealism that did not match reality.

He forced through the Affordable Care Act, pushing the day of reckoning out past his time in office. He did it without talking to the Republicans. He passed it without people knowing what was in it as his lead house of representative person so famously said, “You need to pass it to know what is in it”. He never talked to congress as others did and instead said he had “a phone and a pen and would use it”. He governed by executive action. It was unprecedented. The man who would talk to Castro and Iran would not deal with the opposition party in Washington. He meant to change America with his pen.

It might have worked and this evaluation would be so different if he had succeeded in electing his successor. For then the executive actions would have stood. The health care law stayed. The Supreme Court stacked in his favor. Immigration doors opened wide and the country fundamentally altered forever. It would have been a different America.

However his party and candidate lost. The pen will now be used to undo his actions and the health care law changed. His policies will be altered completely and the court will not be a refuge to save him.

Thus as he leaves now you see the petty and foolish moves he makes to try and secure some legacy. It is almost pitiful to watch.

So today we can offer an assessment, but as stated before, time is the judge. If Trump fails and people turn back then Obama’s place in history will be enhanced. If Trump succeeds then Obama is in another place. So we can only judge today by what we saw and think will be.

And that grade today is D+.

Obama Legacy … Part Two … Foreign Affairs


Today we offer part two of our assessment of the Obama Presidency and legacy focusing on foreign affairs. Again we caution time is the best assessment of any presidency and there will be differing views in instant analysis. That said here is ours:

We don’t know where we are better off today because of the Obama foreign policies. What will he claim as his successes? Opening Cuba? Not enforcing border control? Pulling out of Iraq against the recommendations of the military? Reducing the military? Releasing captured terrorists from Guantanamo Bay?

We think the Obama foreign policy has been a failure. In the middle east things are worse than when he arrived. Libya was a disaster. His policy on Syria and the infamous red line has resulted in hundreds of thousands dying and being misplaced. He owns Aleppo. Russia has reemerged in the area due to a lack of U.S. leadership. ISIS arose under his watch. He called them the JV and misjudged their potential. Today the world pays a price for that. He pulled out of Iraq too soon after the Bush troop build up stabilized things. More troops died under his watch in Afghanistan than Bush, and he is sending increased troops back because he pulled too many out — against the military recommendations. He supported the Arab Spring and that didn’t work. He thought Bush was all wrong on his approach with Russia and sent Hillary there with a red reset button. That was a disaster and today relationships are the worst since the cold war.

He claims to have controlled terror but he is blind in that statement. His direct quote is no foreign terrorist organization “has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland”. That statement tells you why he failed in this area. In Ft. Hood his administration called it “workplace violence”. The shooter identified with ISIS. The same for recent activity like San Bernardino, Orlando and Boston. The list is long, but Obama fails to recognize them. The world is awash with terror activity. Think France and Turkey in recent months. ISIS arose under his watch and without U.S. leadership it will not be defeated.

He oversaw the killing of Osama Bin Laden is another claim of success. Please, the day the World Trade Centers went down we set out after Bin Laden. He was simply President when we knew where he was and it was his obligation to get him. He owed that to the 3,000+ citizens who were murdered by that fiend. It was not his doing or being heroic to order it done.

We think Obama passed the buck, too. He so wanted to be remembered as a peace President that he failed to take actions he should have. The Iran deal does not stop their nuclear program. It delays it until Obama is long out of office. Plus giving them the funds he did, in cash, allows them to grow and succeed. He went against the policies of five previous Presidents in releasing that money, and did not stop their program. He delayed it. History will judge this.

He passed the buck with North Korea too. He failed to do anything to stop them and their nuclear development has expanded. It has done so to the point where they claim they are testing a nuclear missile that can reach the west coast of the U.S. He has utterly failed here and passed that on.

So we see no where he leaves us better off than when he came in. He thought coming into office that America was to blame for a lot of the world’s ills. He thought his apologizing and pulling back would show the world he was different. He thought they’ react to that with open arms. Instead it was perceived as weakness and a chance for others to act. So Russia could take Crimea and not worry. North Korea could continue developing bombs. Iran could take sailors off the high seas and humiliate them. Assad could laugh at his red line and pass it within days. Cuba can laugh as we open the door and allow money to flow there while they do nothing in return.

Then consider Isreal, our ally and friend in the middle east. Obama certainly sided against them at every turn and no country awaits his departure more. So when friends celebrate your leaving and enemies decry it, that tells you a lot.

His single claim we think can be the U.S. is not at war and though troops are engaged again in Mosul, throughout Iraq, and in Afghanistan, it is not a war as we know it. Beyond that we see nothing about the Obama foreign policy legacy that is positive or lasting.

In the end we think that while George W. Bush was too aggressive, Obama over compensated the other way. We don’t know where we are stronger and better off today than we were.
Our initial grade for Obama’s foreign policy is a D.

On Monday our overall score and analysis of the Obama years.