Heading to the holiday …..


A few updates and stories as we head toward the holiday and from us to you our best wishes for a joyous, safe and healthy one.

President Obama blames FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh “for his loss of stature in the public’s eyes over his eight years in office”. The failure of him and the left to see the pro bias in the MSM toward them is incredible. Because Fox presents a complete story they blame them and think the media is against them. It is truly amazing. Here’s the story:

Another story (like the NY subway one and Muslim bias by Trump supporters) that got major media coverage has proven to be a hoax. I bet you heard this Michigan University story when it happened, but not the ending that proved it a lie.

While we’re on that track, how about this one. You heard about the Mississippi Black Church that was burned and had “Vote Trump” written on it right? Did you know they arrested someone this week for the crime and he was black? No? You didn’t see the follow up on the MSM? Me neither. Here it is.

You heard the Democrats might elect Congressman Keith Ellison as the new DNC head. We mentioned he was the lone Muslim Congressional person and he had a storied past with race relations. The Washington Times has a story about that past today. Take a look.

We’ll stop here and let you enjoy the holiday ahead with your families. We’ll be back next week.

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