Much Ado About ….


Well that was much MSM time and coverage about nothing. The Hollywood elite videos, the thousands of emails and letters, the Democratic party carping and the non stop MSM coverage resulted in   — Hillary losing more electoral voters than Trump! A 306 -237 victory in the election turned into a 304 -232 electoral vote.

Can you believe that? They spent millions and millions on a recount. In the end Trump gained votes. They spent time and money to sway electoral voters to change. In the end at least five Clinton voters abandoned her. Three voted for Colin Powell. A fourth for Bernie Sanders and the fifth for Faith Spotted Eagle (A Native American leader). Two Texas electors backed off Trump. One voted for Ron Paul and the other John Kasich. So Trump gained an additional three electoral vote victory!

Do you think the Democrats and their MSM friends will ever get the message that America rejected her and their policies? It doesn’t look like they will. Look what Bill Clinton said this week. “President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t know much, but one thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him”.  Then he added this on the Russians, “you would need to have a single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on.” He also blamed FBI Director James Comey for her loss, telling those gathered around him that he had “cost her the election” by announcing, with less than two weeks to go before the election, that the bureau was examining fresh evidence related to her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state. In all this he never once said anything about her candidacy, the issues or her past playing a part.  They are truly in denial and out of touch.

Then add Michelle Obama’s incredible statement “We are feeling what not having hope feels like”. What is she talking about? Where? If that is the feeling she gets then she needs to expand her circle and talk to the other half of America that voted against her candidate.  Michelle you realize that prior to the election almost 70% of the people thought our country was going in the “wrong direction”? In fact you should check the new Quinnipiac University poll. It found that 59 percent of voters are “optimistic about the next four years with Donald Trump as president.” Sixty-six percent of respondents said they believed he would create jobs, 52 percent said they believe Mr. Trump’s policies will help the economy, 53 percent expressed confidence he will take the country in the right direction, and 49 percent think Mr. Trump will be either a “great” president or a “good” president. No hope? Some of us have renewed hope.

The terrorists attacks yesterday further show the world we are living in. We don’t think Putin is going to take the assassination of his ambassador easily. Expect some action. As for Obama, he is yet to comment on the Berlin attack. Trump was out immediately with a statement.

What’s Obama’s legacy standing? The first poll is out. It had these results:
16 percent said he’ll be remembered as one of the nation’s best presidents; 17 percent called him among the worst chief executives ever.
The rest are in the middle, with 24 percent calling him above average.
28 percent calling him average.
14 percent saying he was below average.

We’ll do our first assessment on the Obama Presidency soon.

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