Election Day – Finally


As we write this electors in every state are gathering to elect the 45th President of the United States. It’s Hillary’s last chance. All the talk of Russian hacking, of popular vote difference, organized direct mailings to electors, threats and holiday elite appeals will make no difference. Neither MSM hysteria, elite we know better proclamations, charges of a Comey conspiracy, Obama muddling, “not my President” protests or Move On Org money is going to change anything. Hillary lost because Americans rejected her and did not want the policies of the past eight years to end.

What incredible hysteria the past few weeks. What exactly did the Russians do? Do the MSM and liberals think that the Russians knew Trump was going to win when they, who are the smartest of us all, did not? Was it the Russians who sent honest Bill Clinton onto Loretta Lynch’s plane? Was it Russians who told the RNC how to thwart the attempted hacks on their servers, but failed to secure the DNC’s? Was it the Russians who told Hillary to set up a private server? Was it the Russians who told Huma to move emails to her home server she shared with Mr. Weiner? Was it the Russians who told Hillary not to campaign in the rust belt?  Was it the the Russians who told Trump to do 5 and 6 events a day and Hillary to rest? Was it the Russians who created the Clinton untrustworthy scores, or did they do that on their own?

By the way, if Obama told Putin defiantly to “cut it out” months ago, is this news now? You mean if Hillary had won it wasn’t an issue? Did he mean that after he told him to stop hacking that Putin and the Russians didn’t respect his words and kept going? I’m sure “cut it out” was enough to stop world hacking. Another decisive foreign action by this administration. No doubt Putin cowered at those words which are like telling Assad “don’t pass this red line”.  Remember when Assad passed that line we, er we, we blinked. A hundred thousand have probably been displaced and or killed since, but the words were strong.

The MSM clings to any possible reason that Hillary lost, outside that she was simply unlikeable. Why, Sunday ABC had Donna Brazile on to discuss the incredible hacking that took place. This woman has zero credibility after two proven cases (through Podesta leaked emails) of passing debate questions to Hillary. Having her lecture us is unacceptable and laughable. You lost, get over it, and if you can’t, think Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Cuba.

Back to the electors who are voting as you read this. Amid all the hoopla there is one, let me say that again, one Trump elector who has said he will not vote for him. The 55 you hear about is made up of 54 Clinton committed voters. So much noise about one. One, who by the way, was proven this weekend to be a liar. He claimed to be a first responder on 9/11. Turns out he did not join the Virginia fire department until October and that unit was not even involved that day.  Just imagine for a second the reverse here. Hillary won and Trump supporters were threatening and doing this. They would have been trashed over and over as thugs and threats to the country and free elections. The history of this one person not voting for her would be headline news. Instead you probably never heard it before now.

A little information and history on electors:

The electors meet today in their state capitals to vote for a President and Vice President in separate ballots.

The votes are then counted January 6th in the the Capital.

Since 1900, there have been only nine faithless electors who defected for individual reasons, including one who abstained from voting altogether.

The Constitution does not specifically require electors to cast their votes according to the popular vote in their states, but the laws of 29 states and the District of Columbia bind electors to do so. Some require pledges or threaten fines or criminal action, according to a summary of state laws by the National Association of Secretaries of State.

On election fraud the liberal paper of record (NYTimes) continues it’s assault. Today (Monday’s headline story):
All This Talk of Voter Fraud? Across U.S., Officials Found Next to None
Despite Republican claims of widespread violations, it seems that credible allegations of illegal voting were exceedingly rare.

See it was the Russians! The Times knows!

We predict a Trump win today, how about you?

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