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Some interesting tidbits as the MSM continues it’s Trump assault. Did you know….

The Democratic Party and pro-Clinton expenditure committees and PACs spent a record $1.2 billion, twice as much as the $600 million spent by the Trump camp, Republicans and pro-Trump groups. Didn’t work did it?

Bill Kristol who was a vocal never Trump person and tried to find an independent candidate to defeat him is stepping down as editor-in-chief at The Weekly Standard after 21 years. This is a direct result of the that.

So they finished the Wisconsin recount and Trump actually gained 162 votes. He won the state by nearly 23,000 votes. Add the Pennsylvania recount is also cancelled and it makes you think how crazy the noise was for this recount.

So Trump chooses Exxon Mobil Corp. Chief Executive Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state and the MSM and liberals start yelling he’s friends with Putin. All I ask is you look back to the 80’s and see what they were saying then. They were criticizing conservatives because they wouldn’t talk to the Russians. Now it’s the opposite. So let me understand this. People who have relationships and have done business deals means they can’t be in government? What is the MSM afraid of? Are they concerned we are going to give our government over to the Russians? Are they concerned we might do Iran like deals with them? Oh wait, Obama did that one, so it is a good deal. What are they worried about? If there is any concern about Tillerson it should be he was never in government or running a department in government, which is different than business, and not that he has contacts around the world.

Speaking of the Russians, all this hacking noise is so funny. They hacked the DNC, okay. They tried to hack the RNC, but were stopped. Did they release data to elect Trump? I don’t think so. I think they released what they had because they wanted to do as much damage to Hillary before she took office as possible. They wanted a weakened new President. They were as shocked as anyone that Trump won.

By the way, do you find it funny that they can say without hesitation the Russians hacked the DNC on numerous occasions and yet they can’t say if Hillary’s private server was hacked? Of course the first one fits their narrative, the second would be harmful. Do you think the Russians were dumb going after the DNC but brilliant going after HRC server? Or maybe the MSM just thinks we’re dumb.

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