Winning and Losing with Grace …


So every four years after the election ends Harvard hosts a forum of campaign officials from both camps to review and discuss the election. It’s always low key, informative and an open discussion. Until last night that is. The Clinton team went after KellyAnne Conway and basically said that Trump won a racist election. They chose the wrong person to attack and she fought back calling them out for an ineffective campaign, poor message and lack of appeal candidate.  Here are two liberal write ups from the Washington Post and NY Times on the evening.

The liberal left is really in denial about this outcome and why. They are not doing themselves any good on how they are conducting themselves.

This morning on GMA the Democrat in charge, George Stephanopoulos, tried questioning KellyAnne on the forum and got beat up. He quickly turned to Trump’s Tweet about election fraud and tried pounding her over and over with the question “if this was real”. She fought back and as always handled herself with smarts, class and dignity. He actually looked so partisan as he kept repeating the Trump tweet. I was hoping she would say: “George there are lots of tweets out there, your wife said you were moving to New Zealand if Trump won, are you”? How funny would that have been?

By the way, all these liberals who want to move I have a question. How come it’s always Canada, Australia and New Zealand? How come none of you want to go to a place you can now — Cuba? That socialist heaven where the supreme leader just passed away is open today. I haven’t heard one of you say you are going there, why?

Add to this they are seeking a new DNC head after Wasserman-Schultz had to resign and Donna Brazille did all she did. Who is their lead candidate? A congressman from Minneapolis who is far left, happens to be the first Muslim elected congress person. He has a past history. He is a full supporter of Louis Farrakhan.  Has a history of issues with Isreal and once even wanted  separate states here in the US for black Amercians. He has since changed a number of positions but if he is the new Democratic lead it will be another example of how far left the party has gone.

Trump meanwhile was in Indianapolis and Ohio yesterday on his “thank you” tour. He was unleashed in Cincinnati and the crowd loved him. He was almost in campaign mode repeating many of his lines and positions. He looked comfortable and it is what his supporters want.
Up to now the man has been presidential and conducted himself well, in our opinion. His cabinet appointments have been strong. In fact he announced one last night to the surprise of his team. General James Mattis (Mad Dog) to be secretary of defense. A beloved and tough general, he faces a possible Democratic fight in the confirmation hearing. There is a seven year period of non service required for him to be eligible for the role unless congress approves. They will, but we feel certain some Dems will want to grandstand here.
Adding another general and hawk to his cabinet is another example of change. These generals were frustrated that they would not be heard, much less listened to, in the Obama White House. Now they are running things. Stay tuned for what this means in foreign policy and specifically with ISIS.

Unemployment report this AM says the rate has dropped to 4.6%. The lowest since 2007, before the great recession. Remember numbers don’t tell the whole story. The labor participation rate is the lowest since 1978 and the great majority of jobs last month were part time ones. We are not in a booming economy today. We may get there next year or two, but not today.

The Wisconsin recount is underway. Don’t expect to hear any big news. Update:
The vote count continues now a month after the election. Hillary has 48.1% and Trump 46.4%.
On the popular vote she is at 64,874 million and Trump 62.516.
A difference of almost 2.4 million votes.
Now consider Hillary won California by 3.4 million.

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