Month: December 2016

Heading to the holiday …..


A few updates and stories as we head toward the holiday and from us to you our best wishes for a joyous, safe and healthy one.

President Obama blames FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh “for his loss of stature in the public’s eyes over his eight years in office”. The failure of him and the left to see the pro bias in the MSM toward them is incredible. Because Fox presents a complete story they blame them and think the media is against them. It is truly amazing. Here’s the story:

Another story (like the NY subway one and Muslim bias by Trump supporters) that got major media coverage has proven to be a hoax. I bet you heard this Michigan University story when it happened, but not the ending that proved it a lie.

While we’re on that track, how about this one. You heard about the Mississippi Black Church that was burned and had “Vote Trump” written on it right? Did you know they arrested someone this week for the crime and he was black? No? You didn’t see the follow up on the MSM? Me neither. Here it is.

You heard the Democrats might elect Congressman Keith Ellison as the new DNC head. We mentioned he was the lone Muslim Congressional person and he had a storied past with race relations. The Washington Times has a story about that past today. Take a look.

We’ll stop here and let you enjoy the holiday ahead with your families. We’ll be back next week.

The Counting Is Done …


The electoral voting is in and done, now the popular vote count is finally finished too. The final results:
– Clinton: 65,844,610 or 48.2 percent.
– Trump: 62,979,636 or 46.1 percent.
– Others: 7,804,213 or 5.7 percent.
The number of votes cast:
– 136,628,459.
– In 2012, that figure was 129,075,630.
So the actual vote count in 2016 was up 7.5 Million votes.

Hillary finished one hundred thousand votes below President Obama’s total from 2012.
So seven and a half million more votes and she got less than Obama’s total from four years ago.
Trump beat Romney’s total by two million votes.
Independent or other votes went from 2.5 million to 7.8 accounting for the remainder. Very significant.

One key number is in the 13 swing states, Trump won the popular vote over Clinton by nearly 2 percent, backing up the assertion that Clinton campaigned in the wrong states and far less aggressive than him.

An impact this election had on families is evident in a WSJ story today.
“The 2016 presidential election has taken an emotional and personal toll on many Americans, affecting their relationships and alienating them from relatives and close associates, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll has found. Almost a third of Americans said they avoided talking politics with family members or got into heated arguments with family or friends over the past year because they supported different candidates. More than one in five said they had been harassed for their political beliefs, and nearly that many said they had blocked someone on social media because of the presidential election”.

Another interesting article you might like from Breibart. “9 Scapegoats Progressives Blame for Hillary Clinton’s Stunning Loss”.

With the counting done all is that is left is the analysis.

Much Ado About ….


Well that was much MSM time and coverage about nothing. The Hollywood elite videos, the thousands of emails and letters, the Democratic party carping and the non stop MSM coverage resulted in   — Hillary losing more electoral voters than Trump! A 306 -237 victory in the election turned into a 304 -232 electoral vote.

Can you believe that? They spent millions and millions on a recount. In the end Trump gained votes. They spent time and money to sway electoral voters to change. In the end at least five Clinton voters abandoned her. Three voted for Colin Powell. A fourth for Bernie Sanders and the fifth for Faith Spotted Eagle (A Native American leader). Two Texas electors backed off Trump. One voted for Ron Paul and the other John Kasich. So Trump gained an additional three electoral vote victory!

Do you think the Democrats and their MSM friends will ever get the message that America rejected her and their policies? It doesn’t look like they will. Look what Bill Clinton said this week. “President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t know much, but one thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him”.  Then he added this on the Russians, “you would need to have a single-digit IQ not to recognize what was going on.” He also blamed FBI Director James Comey for her loss, telling those gathered around him that he had “cost her the election” by announcing, with less than two weeks to go before the election, that the bureau was examining fresh evidence related to her use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state. In all this he never once said anything about her candidacy, the issues or her past playing a part.  They are truly in denial and out of touch.

Then add Michelle Obama’s incredible statement “We are feeling what not having hope feels like”. What is she talking about? Where? If that is the feeling she gets then she needs to expand her circle and talk to the other half of America that voted against her candidate.  Michelle you realize that prior to the election almost 70% of the people thought our country was going in the “wrong direction”? In fact you should check the new Quinnipiac University poll. It found that 59 percent of voters are “optimistic about the next four years with Donald Trump as president.” Sixty-six percent of respondents said they believed he would create jobs, 52 percent said they believe Mr. Trump’s policies will help the economy, 53 percent expressed confidence he will take the country in the right direction, and 49 percent think Mr. Trump will be either a “great” president or a “good” president. No hope? Some of us have renewed hope.

The terrorists attacks yesterday further show the world we are living in. We don’t think Putin is going to take the assassination of his ambassador easily. Expect some action. As for Obama, he is yet to comment on the Berlin attack. Trump was out immediately with a statement.

What’s Obama’s legacy standing? The first poll is out. It had these results:
16 percent said he’ll be remembered as one of the nation’s best presidents; 17 percent called him among the worst chief executives ever.
The rest are in the middle, with 24 percent calling him above average.
28 percent calling him average.
14 percent saying he was below average.

We’ll do our first assessment on the Obama Presidency soon.

Election Day – Finally


As we write this electors in every state are gathering to elect the 45th President of the United States. It’s Hillary’s last chance. All the talk of Russian hacking, of popular vote difference, organized direct mailings to electors, threats and holiday elite appeals will make no difference. Neither MSM hysteria, elite we know better proclamations, charges of a Comey conspiracy, Obama muddling, “not my President” protests or Move On Org money is going to change anything. Hillary lost because Americans rejected her and did not want the policies of the past eight years to end.

What incredible hysteria the past few weeks. What exactly did the Russians do? Do the MSM and liberals think that the Russians knew Trump was going to win when they, who are the smartest of us all, did not? Was it the Russians who sent honest Bill Clinton onto Loretta Lynch’s plane? Was it Russians who told the RNC how to thwart the attempted hacks on their servers, but failed to secure the DNC’s? Was it the Russians who told Hillary to set up a private server? Was it the Russians who told Huma to move emails to her home server she shared with Mr. Weiner? Was it the Russians who told Hillary not to campaign in the rust belt?  Was it the the Russians who told Trump to do 5 and 6 events a day and Hillary to rest? Was it the Russians who created the Clinton untrustworthy scores, or did they do that on their own?

By the way, if Obama told Putin defiantly to “cut it out” months ago, is this news now? You mean if Hillary had won it wasn’t an issue? Did he mean that after he told him to stop hacking that Putin and the Russians didn’t respect his words and kept going? I’m sure “cut it out” was enough to stop world hacking. Another decisive foreign action by this administration. No doubt Putin cowered at those words which are like telling Assad “don’t pass this red line”.  Remember when Assad passed that line we, er we, we blinked. A hundred thousand have probably been displaced and or killed since, but the words were strong.

The MSM clings to any possible reason that Hillary lost, outside that she was simply unlikeable. Why, Sunday ABC had Donna Brazile on to discuss the incredible hacking that took place. This woman has zero credibility after two proven cases (through Podesta leaked emails) of passing debate questions to Hillary. Having her lecture us is unacceptable and laughable. You lost, get over it, and if you can’t, think Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and Cuba.

Back to the electors who are voting as you read this. Amid all the hoopla there is one, let me say that again, one Trump elector who has said he will not vote for him. The 55 you hear about is made up of 54 Clinton committed voters. So much noise about one. One, who by the way, was proven this weekend to be a liar. He claimed to be a first responder on 9/11. Turns out he did not join the Virginia fire department until October and that unit was not even involved that day.  Just imagine for a second the reverse here. Hillary won and Trump supporters were threatening and doing this. They would have been trashed over and over as thugs and threats to the country and free elections. The history of this one person not voting for her would be headline news. Instead you probably never heard it before now.

A little information and history on electors:

The electors meet today in their state capitals to vote for a President and Vice President in separate ballots.

The votes are then counted January 6th in the the Capital.

Since 1900, there have been only nine faithless electors who defected for individual reasons, including one who abstained from voting altogether.

The Constitution does not specifically require electors to cast their votes according to the popular vote in their states, but the laws of 29 states and the District of Columbia bind electors to do so. Some require pledges or threaten fines or criminal action, according to a summary of state laws by the National Association of Secretaries of State.

On election fraud the liberal paper of record (NYTimes) continues it’s assault. Today (Monday’s headline story):
All This Talk of Voter Fraud? Across U.S., Officials Found Next to None
Despite Republican claims of widespread violations, it seems that credible allegations of illegal voting were exceedingly rare.

See it was the Russians! The Times knows!

We predict a Trump win today, how about you?

Noise and more noise ..


You’ve seen the commercials for the alert system where someone falls and says “I can’t get up”. This is about the election the Democrats “can’t believe we lost”.

In the 60’s there was a movie entitled: “The Russians Are Coming”. In 2016 the sequel for the liberals is, “The Russians Did It”.

Let’s start with this story in today’s WSJ. “Russian hackers tried to penetrate the computer networks of the Republican National Committee, using the same techniques that allowed them to infiltrate its Democratic counterpart, according to U.S. officials who have been briefed on the attempted intrusion. But the intruders failed to get past security defenses on the RNC’s computer networks,”  the officials said.
So first and foremost, the Republicans had a better anti hacking system. The Democrats own that.
Second, don’t every one of us do all we can to avoid our systems being hacked? The DNC failed. That is not Trump’s problem, it’s yours DNC.

Next Julianne Assange (Wikileaks) was on TV last night. He said again the DNC emails he got and were released were “not from Russian hackers”. He also said “he had three RNC emails, but did not release them because the information was already out”.

Hillary was at a Hollywood party last night and spoke saying Putin had it in for her because she was clear during the campaign that she was going to impose sanctions. Really, do you remember that? She can’t believe or accept the American people rejected her and all she represented. You were fooled and manipulated by the Russians and Putin in particular. Total denial. I guess she forgot the red reset button she brought to her meeting with the wrong word on it.

Here’s a good read to all those who lost. It’s from Maureen Dowd the leftist NYTimes writer. No friend of Trump, she writes this as part of it.
“The election was a complete repudiation of Barack Obama: his fantasy world of political correctness, the politicization of the Justice Department and the I.R.S., an out-of-control E.P.A., his neutering of the military, his nonsupport of the police and his fixation on things like transgender bathrooms. Since he became president, his party has lost 63 House seats, 10 Senate seats and 14 governorships.The country had signaled strongly in the last two midterms that they were not happy. The Dems’ answer was to give them more of the same from a person they did not like or trust.”

Did you see the celebrity commercial directed to the electors for the electoral college urging them to not vote for Trump? These major celebrities spoke directly to the electors, and asked them to not do the will of the people of their state, because Hollywood knows better. How outrageous is this and how out of touch are they? If you haven’t seen it and who is in it here’s the link.

Aleppo is all over the news. You know what? Obama and team own this mess 100%. What a failed foreign policy this was and thousands have been killed because of their failure. The MSM needs to place the blame here where it belongs and acknowledge Trump is inheriting a mess.

We think that Ivanka and Jared are going to leave the Trump business, too and relocate to Washington to be part of the administration. This is going to be big news on the MSM, as if they are committing a crime. Ask them if JFK chose his brother to be Attorney General and if that was okay. Trump trusts the judgement of these two and if they are willing to step out of their businesses and relocate to work in government. We should applaud that. But the MSM will not. Her name is Trump, so she cannot assist her Dad. Ridiculous. They don’t know how to adjust to a business man in the office.

Trump’s cabinet choices will come under criticism from the MSM soon too on diversity. He has a higher percent of white males and they will attack this for sure.

Speaking of the cabinet we haven’t heard much from the Bushes lately. I did hear that Jeb turned down a position. It was Secretary of Low Energy.

Back to issues. A Washington Times story today says that “Obamacare subsidies increase by $10 billion as costs spiral out of control”. It says “The federal government will spend $42.6 billion to subsidize customers’ Obamacare plans, up from $32.8 billion this year, the Center for Health and Economy said, amid widespread questions over the law’s ability to survive”. You simply cannot provide coverage to 20 million for free and not have a mess. I think Trump and team have a real challenge to unravel this mess. Here’s the story.

Finally it will be a happy holiday period for FoxNews. “FNC locked up the wins both in primetime and in total day, and every hour on the network’s lineup logged double-digit jumps compared to 2015”. In fact they beat espn and USA to gain the number one cable slot for the year.
http://FNC locked up the wins both in primetime and in total day, and every hour on the network’s lineup logged double-digit jumps compared to 2015.

Around and around …


Let’s start with the electoral college electors who vote Dec. 19th and all the noise about those who will not vote for Trump. So there are 30 demanding a briefing on “the Russian hacking” that “defeated Hillary”. Well, 29 of the 30 are committed Hillary voters from NY, California and Massachusetts.  Only one is from a state committed to Trump. So it is all noise that the MSM is feeding. They simply cannot accept HRC lost.
By the way the leader of the electoral group demanding the briefing is Christine Pelosi. Yes, the daughter of Speaker Pelosi. Surprise!

Do you know these liberals are so upset that they have a boycott on for any company that even remotely said something nice about Trump? They have an app Boycott Trump, to name all the places. It goes from Nike, because they have a store in Trump Tower, to KitchenAid because they’re scheduled to sponsor a golf tournament at a Trump course.
This from the people who accuse conservatives of being closed minded.

Maybe they need to look at themselves to see why they lost. According to this article in today’s WSJ, the smartest woman in the world and most prepared person ever, wasn’t smart enough to manage her campaign. Labor leaders are angry about losing Michigan. The closing line of the story is this one. “I think it’s true, they executed well. I think it’s true that the plan was accomplished,” said a former labor leader in the state. “But the plan was not the right plan”. That’s funny.

Did you hear that today Wikileaks said the emails did not come from Russian hackers but “a disgruntled Democratic” person? Wouldn’t that be something? Here’s the story if you want to see it.

So Harry Reid says he “lost all respect for Mitt Romney” because he met with Trump and discussed being Secretary of State.  Mitt Romney says “the feeling is mutual”.  In fact, he said “he lost respect for the senator a long time ago after he falsely and unapologetically accused him of not paying his taxes for a decade”. Harry Reid lost more respect from people than any leader of the senate in my lifetime. Good riddance to him.

Obama continues to try and make his mark wth leftist actions. The latest is he passed an edict to go into effect Jan. 18, two days before the presidential inauguration on Planned Parenthood. The rule will prohibit states from divesting millions of dollars from the nation’s largest abortion provider. Will it survive? Rep. Diane Black, a Tennessee Republican who sits on the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives, said the Obama administration “will not have the last word” on the rule. Looks like another of Obama’s legacy attempts will be changed.

In the meantime Obama did not sign the bill that extended sanctions against Iran for ten years. Instead he allowed the bill extending sanctions to become law without his signature. Doesn’t that just fit his tenure with foreign policy decisions? One big mess Trump will inherit. Here’s the full story if you want to read it.

Did you see the story of the Muslim woman in NYC who said she was attacked on a New York City subway by white President-Elect Donald Trump supporters? It got major coverage and liberals jumped on it as an example of the right gone wild. Guess what? She made it up because she was out partying and dating a Catholic and afraid of her family. So where was the bias now?

Why are the MSM and Democrats so upset that Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson is friendly with Putin? Why is that bad and what are they afraid of? I don’t understand it. Are they afraid he is going to sell out the U.S.? They do know every agreement is subject to congressional approval right? They keep playing this interview where he tells Putin he is not there as a representative of the U.S., but to do a deal for his company. Well he’ head of Exxon-Mobil and making a global deal; what do they want him to say? Do they understand business and how global business works? Do they think as Secretary of State he won’t be representing us as he did his company? They are way off base.

Finally, we had three Yahoo accounts here and this AM we closed all three down. One breach too many for us. As I write this we are Yahoo free!

Moving along ….


Some interesting tidbits as the MSM continues it’s Trump assault. Did you know….

The Democratic Party and pro-Clinton expenditure committees and PACs spent a record $1.2 billion, twice as much as the $600 million spent by the Trump camp, Republicans and pro-Trump groups. Didn’t work did it?

Bill Kristol who was a vocal never Trump person and tried to find an independent candidate to defeat him is stepping down as editor-in-chief at The Weekly Standard after 21 years. This is a direct result of the that.

So they finished the Wisconsin recount and Trump actually gained 162 votes. He won the state by nearly 23,000 votes. Add the Pennsylvania recount is also cancelled and it makes you think how crazy the noise was for this recount.

So Trump chooses Exxon Mobil Corp. Chief Executive Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state and the MSM and liberals start yelling he’s friends with Putin. All I ask is you look back to the 80’s and see what they were saying then. They were criticizing conservatives because they wouldn’t talk to the Russians. Now it’s the opposite. So let me understand this. People who have relationships and have done business deals means they can’t be in government? What is the MSM afraid of? Are they concerned we are going to give our government over to the Russians? Are they concerned we might do Iran like deals with them? Oh wait, Obama did that one, so it is a good deal. What are they worried about? If there is any concern about Tillerson it should be he was never in government or running a department in government, which is different than business, and not that he has contacts around the world.

Speaking of the Russians, all this hacking noise is so funny. They hacked the DNC, okay. They tried to hack the RNC, but were stopped. Did they release data to elect Trump? I don’t think so. I think they released what they had because they wanted to do as much damage to Hillary before she took office as possible. They wanted a weakened new President. They were as shocked as anyone that Trump won.

By the way, do you find it funny that they can say without hesitation the Russians hacked the DNC on numerous occasions and yet they can’t say if Hillary’s private server was hacked? Of course the first one fits their narrative, the second would be harmful. Do you think the Russians were dumb going after the DNC but brilliant going after HRC server? Or maybe the MSM just thinks we’re dumb.

One Month Later….


Doesn’t it feel like much longer than simply a month ago that Trump was elected president?

Do you know it was a month before Obama appointed his first cabinet position? Trump has his almost all in place. Remember when the MSM was criticizing him for not filling slots? How does that look today?

Outside of secretary of state, which he has talked to many and remains undecided, he has certainly moved with expedience to fill the positions; and dare I say with quality choices. A few will face some strong Democratic push back, but for most it will be a breeze to be confirmed.
Two who face intense questioning are:
The Labor Department choice, Andrew Puzder for minimum wage.
The Environmental Protection Agency choice Scott Pruitt. The anti Gore.

Thus far everything the experts said, and we all knew, has been the opposite.
The stock market was going to tank. It’s at new highs.
Guilani, Gingrich, Christie would be the first three in the cabinet. None are. Foreign leaders would not accept him. They have welcomed him.
Every aspect of what the experts thought has been confounded.

President Obama has been over taken by the Trump bandwagon. A question now is will he follow the Bush path and not criticize his successor or will he become a partisan? I am betting on the latter as his programs are reversed.
Remember, Mr President, it was you who adamantly said to John McCain that “elections have consequences”. You were right, they do.

Did you see his interview yesterday where he said he was surprised by ISIS? He was taken aback by the militants’ rise, he said, even though he was warned about them by former President George Bush.
Here’s a direct  question and answer from the friendly CNN interview:
“Let me ask you if it’s possible in your position to be completely honest and say the rise of the Islamic State surprised you, it took you by surprise, it took the administration by surprise,” CNN’s Fareed Zakaria asked.
“The ability of ISIL to not just mass inside of Syria, but then to initiate major land offensives that took Mosul, for example, that was not on my intelligence radar screen,” Obama responded.
So his intelligence people failed him?
This goes along with his always blaming others for his failures.
In a “60 Minutes” interview in 2014, he also pointed a finger at the intelligence community for the rise in ISIS.
“Our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that, I think, they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria,” The Islamist militants’ march across Iraq and Syria forced Obama to send U.S. forces back to the region after Americans had put “an end to the decade-long ground offensives there,” CNN noted.
Mr. President, the “buck stops” with you. This was your decision and your team. You own it.
Also, Mr. President, wasn’t it you who called ISIS the JV? Your direct quote: “The analogy we use around here sometimes, and I think is accurate, is if a JV team puts on Lakers uniforms, that doesn’t make them Kobe Bryant. I think there is a distinction between the capacity and reach of a bin Laden and a network that is actively planning major terrorist plots against the homeland, versus jihadis who are engaged in various local power struggles and disputes, often sectarian.”
Aren’t the Generals like Flynn and Kelly being appointed now by Trump the same ones who left your administration because you wouldn’t listen to them about the threat?
In fact here’s quoted testimony General Flynn  gave to Congress a month after your JV comment.
The group “probably will attempt to take territory in Iraq and Syria to exhibit its strength in 2014, as demonstrated recently in Ramadi and Fallujah, and the group’s ability to concurrently maintain multiple safe havens in Syria”. Since the departure of U.S. forces at the end of 2011, [Islamic State] has exploited the permissive security environment to increase its operations and presence in many locations and also has expanded into Syria and Lebanon to inflame tensions throughout the region.”
Sorry, maybe you weren’t listening, you own this.

So Harry Reid began saying good bye yesterday. He was the most divisive senate leader of my lifetime and I am delighted to say good riddance. His arrogance, lying on the senate floor and changes he forced through will now come back to haunt his party. And well it should.

Finally on the senate, look for Trump to meet and possibly appoint a Democratic senator or two to positions. Why? They will come from states with Republican Governors. That will allow them to appoint friendly replacements, increasing his majority and votes in that body.


Rounding Out The Corners


Trump continues to round out his cabinet, frustrate the main stream media and pull surprises out of his pocket. Meanwhile Obama is still President and he must be in shock over all that is going on. But he did make a speech outlining why we are better off with terrorism today because he was in office.  We don’t think so. He has an argument on the economy, but foreign affairs is his waterloo. There is no where in the world we are better off today because he was in office.

Along those lines, Trump chosen another former general, this time a Marine  named John Kelly to be Homeland Security Director. General Kelly was another Obama critic and has been clear on the danger of our southern border. He also lost a son in battle in 2010 in Afghanistan. His feelings are clear. You know how Obama is releasing detainees and trying to close Guantanamo . Well in his former role, Kelly also oversaw operations at that detention facility in Cuba. He clashed with the Obama administration’s push to close the facility, and told the Military Times in an interview that “there are no innocent men down there.”

Add Kelly to Mattis, Flynn and McFarland and we say buckle up, things are changing in DC.

As Trump saves corporations from leaving, warns others not to think about it, threatens Boeing and introduces a Japanese businessman who is going to invest $50 billion in the U.S.,  the MSM attacks that “he is picking winners and losers”. They then go on to say “conservatives made it a big issue with Obama, saying he was picking winners and losers, so why are they quiet now”?

The answer my friends is that it is different but they don’t want to admit it. When Obama picked Solyndra and gave them $535 million of our money, he gave an industry and company he wanted to establish and grow funds. He did that  at the expense of other alternatives in the field. He was picking an area he wanted to win over others. Trump is doing none of that. He is fighting to keep jobs in an existing business and looking for growth. He is not picking Carrier to win. He is telling them if they leave the U.S. they will lose. He is not picking anyone over Boeing, he is telling them to lower the price, that taxpayer dollars matter. He is saving jobs and taxes, not spending billions on a new industry that most thought would fail. Here’s the Solyndra story in a nutshell.
While visiting Solyndra in May of 2010, President Barack Obama claimed Solyndra was “leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future.”In August of 2011, The Washington Post reported that Solyndra shut down, “leaving 1,100 people out of work and taxpayers obligated for $535 million in federal loans.”
Does that sound like Carrier and the Japenese business investment?

The media is reaching as they try to recover from their shell shock of Hillary losing. As they do things like this they continue to lose credibility.

By the way have you heard from the media on how the recount is going in the one state underway?  No? Here’s why:
By Wednesday morning, Trump had widened his victory margin over Clinton in Wisconsin by 146 votes, with 23 of the state’s 72 counties having finished their recounts as of Tuesday. In those counties, Trump gained 105 votes and Clinton dropped 41 votes.
Imagine that.

Speaking of the media, they are coming to slowly realize that Trump is going to function around them. They are holding back admitting they are no longer trustworthy thus they are not relevant to many. Trump is going to continue to tweet his messages out, have them react and not talk to them. Soon they be going ballistic because he doesn’t have any press conferences. When they do, ask yourself how many conferences did Obama hold in eight years? Did they have conferences with Hillary the whole year before the election? Why is it only an issue with Republicans? They better realize they are the old way and social media is the new and Trump is leading the change because of their bias.


Winning and Losing with Grace …


So every four years after the election ends Harvard hosts a forum of campaign officials from both camps to review and discuss the election. It’s always low key, informative and an open discussion. Until last night that is. The Clinton team went after KellyAnne Conway and basically said that Trump won a racist election. They chose the wrong person to attack and she fought back calling them out for an ineffective campaign, poor message and lack of appeal candidate.  Here are two liberal write ups from the Washington Post and NY Times on the evening.

The liberal left is really in denial about this outcome and why. They are not doing themselves any good on how they are conducting themselves.

This morning on GMA the Democrat in charge, George Stephanopoulos, tried questioning KellyAnne on the forum and got beat up. He quickly turned to Trump’s Tweet about election fraud and tried pounding her over and over with the question “if this was real”. She fought back and as always handled herself with smarts, class and dignity. He actually looked so partisan as he kept repeating the Trump tweet. I was hoping she would say: “George there are lots of tweets out there, your wife said you were moving to New Zealand if Trump won, are you”? How funny would that have been?

By the way, all these liberals who want to move I have a question. How come it’s always Canada, Australia and New Zealand? How come none of you want to go to a place you can now — Cuba? That socialist heaven where the supreme leader just passed away is open today. I haven’t heard one of you say you are going there, why?

Add to this they are seeking a new DNC head after Wasserman-Schultz had to resign and Donna Brazille did all she did. Who is their lead candidate? A congressman from Minneapolis who is far left, happens to be the first Muslim elected congress person. He has a past history. He is a full supporter of Louis Farrakhan.  Has a history of issues with Isreal and once even wanted  separate states here in the US for black Amercians. He has since changed a number of positions but if he is the new Democratic lead it will be another example of how far left the party has gone.

Trump meanwhile was in Indianapolis and Ohio yesterday on his “thank you” tour. He was unleashed in Cincinnati and the crowd loved him. He was almost in campaign mode repeating many of his lines and positions. He looked comfortable and it is what his supporters want.
Up to now the man has been presidential and conducted himself well, in our opinion. His cabinet appointments have been strong. In fact he announced one last night to the surprise of his team. General James Mattis (Mad Dog) to be secretary of defense. A beloved and tough general, he faces a possible Democratic fight in the confirmation hearing. There is a seven year period of non service required for him to be eligible for the role unless congress approves. They will, but we feel certain some Dems will want to grandstand here.
Adding another general and hawk to his cabinet is another example of change. These generals were frustrated that they would not be heard, much less listened to, in the Obama White House. Now they are running things. Stay tuned for what this means in foreign policy and specifically with ISIS.

Unemployment report this AM says the rate has dropped to 4.6%. The lowest since 2007, before the great recession. Remember numbers don’t tell the whole story. The labor participation rate is the lowest since 1978 and the great majority of jobs last month were part time ones. We are not in a booming economy today. We may get there next year or two, but not today.

The Wisconsin recount is underway. Don’t expect to hear any big news. Update:
The vote count continues now a month after the election. Hillary has 48.1% and Trump 46.4%.
On the popular vote she is at 64,874 million and Trump 62.516.
A difference of almost 2.4 million votes.
Now consider Hillary won California by 3.4 million.