So if I told you …


So if I told you this a few months ago what would you have said?

That Donald Trump would win the presidency with over 300 electoral votes.

That it would be Hillary Clinton who would be challenging the votes in some states.

That Republicans would not only hold the house but the senate too.

That Republicans would dominate governor races and increase control of state houses.

That Trump would be filling his cabinet and not in it would be
Chris Christie, Newt Gingrich or Rudy Guilani.

That the stock market would react so positive and reach record highs.

That Ford and Carrier Air Conditioning would cancel plans to relocate plants to Mexico.

That Obamacare was really going to be replaced.

That Obama would withdraw his supreme court nominee and the Republicans would truly fill the slot.

That Fidel Castro would pass away and after initial praise Obama and team would back down and send a minor delegation to the funeral.

Which of those would you have believed?

Yet, they are all real.

If I told you Nancy Pelosi would be reelected by the Democrats as their leader in the house would you believe that?

She was today.

We are living in interesting times.




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