Filling The Cabinet


As controversy continues to swirl about the recount and Trump fuels it with his voter fraud tweets, filling the cabinet continues.  On the former we still don’t understand why he is doing it. Yes, the rolls have deceased and relocated voters on them. It doesn’t mean they voted. The states’ systems of maintaining precise rolls is not good. It does open itself to fraud, but to claim it is happening at the numbers Trump mentions is far fetched. Why he doesn’t let the Steins and Clintons stew in the mess they created is beyond us.

Speaking of which, have you heard one theory as to why the recount is being done now? It’s this. The count will be slow and painstaking. It will take time and the electoral college electors have to cast their ballots in three weeks. If the recount is not finished because of challenges and questions then those states cannot cast their votes. So no one gets 270 and it goes to the house. Trump wins again, of course, but it raises more questions about his credibility on top of the popular vote. Crazy? Maybe, but this has been a crazy year.

Now if you think Trump wasn’t serious about Obamacare repeal and replace, just look at who he picked to be secretary of the Health and Human Services Department. Congressman Tom Price is a former orthopedic surgeon, and one of several GOP physicians determined to change the ACA. He did not take this role to make minor changes.
In congress he has championed his own legislation, called the Empowering Patients First Act. His positions on hot-button issues have the full support of conservative health policy thinkers. In its latest iteration, the proposal includes refundable, age-adjusted tax credits for people to buy insurance if they don’t have access to coverage through an employer or government program. People in a government program, such as Medicare, Medicaid or Tricare, would also be allowed to opt out of it and get tax credits toward the cost of private coverage instead.
So expect to see across state plans and more options from private insurers moving away from a government run system. Hillary would have moved toward a single payer system, so this is one opposite position and a true election result.

He also appointed another woman, former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao who served as Labor Secretary under George W. Bush as transportation secretary. She is the third high profile woman appointed and first Asian American. Nikki Haley is Indian-Amercian. Chao keeps earning appointments and for your information is married to Mitch McConnell the head of the senate.

As noted yesterday it was interesting to watch the different leadership reactions to Fidel Castro’s death. Early on the administration and press were so complimentary of the Marxist leader. Then Cuban Americans and their conservative supporters started reacting. I think Obama felt the heat and announced that neither he, Biden nor Kerry would attend the funeral.(Though he is sending a delegation). Even Trudeau the Canadian leader backed down and now will not attend. For his part Trump kept up his hardline stance. He threatened to roll back recently restored relations with Cuba. He issued a tweet with this ultimatum. If Havana isn’t willing to make a “better deal” for Cubans and Americans he’ll “terminate the deal”.
Another implication of this election.

And the vote count edges up still, “Election officials are still certifying and counting ballots in several large Democratic states”.  The numbers now Clinton 64.6 million votes,  Trump’s 62.4 million. Incredible. Of course she won California by 2.4 million.

As Republicans celebrate they need to remember these numbers. They have to do an outreach with this administration to minority groups. They cannot build a party for the future without it. Do you realize that Republicans have lost the popular vote in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections? Amazingly they won the presidency three times. That is not sustainable no matter how elated they are. They need to plan now to change voting patterns.

That does not mean giving up your values, but delivering on promises to make life better in urban areas. Bring jobs back. Create enterprise free zones in inner cities to build factories and drive employment. School choice so kids and families have a better chance.

Let’s see what the next 24 hours brings. A great time for us news junkies for sure.

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