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With Hillary taking all the heat for the recount and her words coming back to haunt her like: “Anybody not willing to accept the results of an election is a threat to democracy” why would Trump say what he did? In knocking her recount and stating correctly that “nothing will change” he had to add this tweet: “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally”. Why would you lend any credence to any vote being wrong? His opponents are challenging states like Pennsylvania which he won by an unchallengeable 68,000 votes. Even the liberal media agree with that. Thus, why say there were “millions” of illegal votes? Just doesn’t make sense. Let them embarrass themselves and show their true colors. Just crazy.

Speaking of the election they are still counting votes. Can you believe the popular vote now has Hillary up to 64.1 Million? She is edging close to the Obama total of 2012. Her lead is now close to two million votes. Where are these counts coming from?

The differences in world view between Obama and the liberal elite and Trump and conservatives is so clear in Castro’s death. Trump today said again the opening Obama created via executive order with Cuba was a bad one. We got nothing from it and unless they agree to change it he is going to cancel it. This is all on the front burner with the differences in reaction to Fidel’s passing. We are all watching to see if Obama, Biden or a senior rep go to Cuba for the funeral. You know they want too. On the other side Marco Rubio said this: “If you send a representative of the Obama Administration and the U.S. government to that funeral you are sending someone to the funeral of a man who ordered the execution of Americans.”. The great divide.

All this happens as JetBlue flies it’s first commercial flight out of JFK to Havana today. Life is ironic sometimes. It may end up being a short route and window for people to visit.

One thing clear to me is that Trump is going to continue tweeting into his presidency. He sees twitter as a means to get his message across to his almost 30 million followers and a way for the media to pick up his thoughts direct. He is not a fan of the MSM and twitter provides a way around them. He will continue to do short videos and bypass them at every possible stage. They will hate this, but welcome to the new age of communication.

His cabinet choices continue and the controversy with Secretary of State continues. Mitt Romney will not get the job. There is too much opposition to him based upon his election vehemence against Trump. He was the most vocal of all the “nevertrump” crowd. It will bite him now. I hear too that Rudy said secretary of state or no job. A tough spot to put Trump in because he owes Rudy, but maybe not the right role. My gut is Trump is tough enough to say no to Rudy and fill the spot with someone else. Stay tuned to that one.

Interesting times.


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