It’s over, but let’s recount ….


The secretary of state of Michigan has certified Trump won the state by 10,704 votes. Trump has 306 electoral votes, it’s all over. No, no says Jill Stein and then Hillary’s team joins her. What?

Stein raises seven million dollars to pay for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Why? Was it because there was talk of fraud? No. Was it because of broken machines? No. Was it because more people voted than were registered? No. Why then? Because Trump won and how can that be?

Let’a see, he won Pennsylvania by 1.2%  or 68,000 votes. (Stein got 0.8 or 48,000 in the state). He won Wisconsin by  27,000 votes and as noted Michigan by almost 11,000.

Thus the candidate (Hillary) who criticized Trump for not agreeing to say he would not challenge the results if he saw discrepencies, now decides to challenge with no reason, other than because she lost. Her mockery of his stance in the last debate and on the trail is now another embarrassment for her.  The words “no American presidential candidate ever challenged our system” rings in my ear. At least he said “for cause”.  Her cause is she lost and it can’t be.

Mrs. Clinton aren’t you ashamed? You realize even if the Trump people were to say you can have Wisconsin and Michigan you would still lose? You are going to challenge 68,000 votes in Pennsylvania, too? Really? You think in three reliably Democratic states there are 116,000 plus votes you were cheated on? What a joke and just more liberal hysteria. The people who pride themselves on being tolerant, understanding and open are proving to be none of the above. It’s just like the social experimental  ideas they have for your neighborhood, but not theirs; or the increased taxes that you should pay while they find loopholes.

As for the Trump appointments here’s another observation. Get ready for a far more active military. The appointment of past military hawks like Flynn and McFarland make it clear that ISIS will know quickly there is a new administration in Washington.

Finally if you want to know the difference between the current and future administrations just see and read the reaction to the death of Fidel Castro. One implies he was a hero, the other clearly calls him a killer. The liberal media first was all about the hero part until they saw the pushback. On ABC one of their colleagues broke down about his family and what they experienced trying to escape. Suddenly the tone began to change. They are in utter confusion again as their supreme leader Obama decides if he or Biden, or neither should go the funeral.

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