Election this and that …..


Here we are on the eve of Thanksgiving and they haven’t called Michigan yet. Can you believe that? Just remember it’s Trump 290 electoral votes and Hillary 232. Florida’s 29 goes the other way and what a mess it is (261 each).

Michigan has 96% counted and it’s Trump 47.6 and Hillary 47.3. A difference today of 11,000 votes.

Speaking of vote count, where are all these late counted votes coming from? The latest numbers in the popular vote are Hillary 63,515 million to Trump’s 61,917. That’s over six million votes counted since election day, and they are still going. Hillary has 47.9% of the vote count and Trump 46.7%. Her margin keeps widening so it can’t be military votes since they supported Trump really big.

Did you know that six electoral vote individuals have stated publicly they do not intend to cast their vote for Trump?  Here’s a link to a story about this.

Interesting to watch the liberal media report on “Trump position reversals”. They love it, as he seems to be backing off prosecuting Clinton, water boarding and even climate control. They don’t  want to praise him, but the smugness of their reporting seems to be something like, “we told you so”. Almost a “we were right from the beginning”. He has them off stride a little. They attack his appointments, love his backing off some positions and they are still recovering from his winning. It is all leading up to the secretary of state announcement and then the big one, his supreme court nominee. Lots of fun ahead.

Did you see the cable news ratings last week? Fox dominated. In almost every time slot they beat CNN and MSNBC combined! Interestingly MSNBC has just about caught CNN which is close to falling to third place. In fact Fox Business Network has been gaining and is now the number 4 primetime cable news network passing CNN Headline news and CNBC.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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