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After a week hiatus we return. We hope you missed us.

So the MSM writes after the election that they missed the pulse of America and they will be more conscious going forward. Then they proceed in exactly the same manner. They can’t change as long as they surround themselves with a singular view of the world. They don’t know how out of touch they are. Why is this? Here’s a link to our blog of August 18th where we explained the reasons. Nothing has changed.

Yet every time Trump makes an appointment, do you see how the media reverts to how the person is far right, an ideologue to the extreme and a racist. Why? Because he is choosing someone on the right, which is alien to their thought process. Yet when Obama chose people on the far left, think Eric Holder, they thought it was wonderful. Trump is not picking criminals he is simply choosing people with a thought process closer to his. To the liberal media they are outside their ideologue thought therefore they are extreme.

They jumped on Trump for a broken transition process beginning day two.  Yet it wasn’t broken and in fact he appointed people weeks ahead of what Obama and Bush did in the two most recent transitions.  Why? They were still seething at his win and trying to prove what a disaster America had created for itself.

The media jumps on Trump every time a former rival or person who backed someone else visits to talk a possible role. Why? Did they expect him not to broaden his reach; or did they just think he was incapable of it?

The anchors, talk hosts and Hollywood stars have been disgraceful. The disrespect shown by the model Gigi Hadid in her voice mocking of Melania Trump is inexcusable. She cannot apologize enough for that. Imagine a Republican mocking Michelle or any latino in such a manner. That was as poor a taste maneuver as I have witnessed. The cast of Hamilton stepping out like they did to chastise VP Pence is another example. The VP has so much class and he has made them look petty and little.  The disrespect goes on daily on the networks and CNN.

The end result is this. Donald Trump’s favorability with the public has gone up 9 points since the election. He has handled himself for the most part with dignity and class. Respect for the media has continued to decline. They have not done the same. Yet because of the isolated bubble they live in they fail to see it.

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