Veterans and election day ….


We begin as we did yesterday with Florida and Michigan. As of this morning if Florida had gone Clinton we would still not have a winner. Michigan remains uncalled with 4% still to be counted and a 12,000 vote difference. Chaos avoided by a 1.3% difference in Florida. Just imagine.

Speaking of counting, the numbers continue to be adjusted as absentee ballots are opened and arrive. Clinton is now up to 60.467 million and Trump is at 60.071. So they are nearing the Romney total in 2012 of 60.589. Obama received 65.545. Interesting how long this takes isn’t it? It will also be interesting to see the final turnout numbers.

The protesters were out again yesterday but less so in most cities with Portland being a real exception. What exactly are they protesting? A free and fair election? And, wasn’t it Trump who was supposed to be the problem because he might not accept the results?

These protests are social media organized convincing people they are going to lose their rights. Colleges holding counseling sessions, cancelling tests, and pampering students. On this Veterans Day think of this.
Our parents and grandparents were eighteen once, too. They stormed the beaches of D-Day, fought in the cold snow at the Battle of The Bulge and died on the ground in the Pacific. They gave their all, and some paid with their all, so we could grow up free in this country. They were 18 and 19 too.
Some call it progress that their grandchildren can’t go to class because their candidate lost. Not to me. Sorry.

God bless our veterans and all they did and continue doing. It is you we owe a debt of gratitude, resources and support.


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