So What Happened?


Let’s start with this. Do you realize if Florida, which was so close for so long had gone for Clinton this election would be undecided as of this AM? You didn’t know that did you? Here’s the numbers as of 8:00 this morning.
Trump 290 Electoral Votes. Clinton has 232. Now take Florida’s 29 and reverse the state. You have Trump with 261 and Clinton with 261.
Undecided yet is Michigan.
So we would all still be awaiting Michigan’s final count.
As of this moment 96% of Michigan is counted. With close to 5 million votes in, Trump is ahead by only 12,000.
So imagine what could have been if Florida had gone the other way, and remember how uncertain it was for hours.
That’s how close this was.

What are the numbers showing us?
Clinton won the popular vote by 250,000. This was driven by states where no one campaigned, like California where she won by 2.5 million and New York by 1.5 million.

Despite what you heard about massive and record turnout, vote count was down versus 2012. It appears (pending final numbers) to be down around seven million votes.
In fact, as of this writing, Romney’s losing vote total was greater than either Trump or Clinton’s.

Why Trump Won According To The Numbers

Of that seven million less votes Hillary lost six million from the Obama total.
Trump lost one million from the Romney total.

So it was a turnout election and the Obama voters did not turn out for her.
White voters were down from 71% of the electorate in 2012 to 70% this time. They did vote for Trump in a greater number but because they backed off Hillary after voting Obama they are racist now?
So if you hear it was a white racist turn out don’t listen to them.
This appears to be an “I am not excited about Hillary vote”.
Cokie Roberts, who made the outrageous charge that people came out to vote against Hillary because she was a woman, should apologize.
Cokie, Democrats and liberals did not come out to vote for Hillary.

Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will all be decided by about 1 point.
Hillary never visited Wisconsin in the campaign. She took it for granted. Trump equaled Romney’s vote in the state. Hillary lost about a quarter million Obama votes.
In Penn. the African-American vote went from 13% of the total in 2012 to 10% this year.

So in a short analysis this AM let’s be clear. This was not a mass movement that resulted in a record vote. It was more about who did not turn out than who did. The Obama coalition did not back Hillary as they did him.

One last thought. You saw the demonstrations and in some cases riots last night protesting a free and open election. Ask yourself this. If Hillary had won would the Trump people be out there doing that? I think not. First of all they had to go to work. (Which is why the exit polls which closed at 3:00 had Hillary as elected). Secondly, to the far left open and understanding applies only to you understanding them. It doesn’t work in reverse.

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