“Am I seeing what I am seeing”?


Well if you are coming here this AM for post analysis you are a day late. I was the wise blogger who provided the analysis for free a day earlier!
You can laugh but it was free.

I awoke this AM after two hours sleep and immediately reached for my phone. After a glance I turned to my wife and said “he still won”. It was real! Then I got dressed and looked out to see my neighbor’s light on. I wanted to get out¬†there, because as a strong Hillary supporter maybe she was leaving for Canada and I wanted to say good bye.

So what happened and what did we say?
We said this would not be too close.
– Well it really wasn’t. Trump may end up with 300 electoral votes.
We said the senate would go with the new President.
– Well it did, didn’t it?
We said Trump needed an inside straight to win didn’t we?
– Well he got an inside and outside one didn’t he?
We worked in research and numbers for a career as you know.
– Well we told you to never trust the numbers didn’t we?
– And if you use numbers a census is always better than a pollster sample.
Pennsylvania put him over the top. We told you it was “fools gold” didn’t we?
– Well if you would kindly forget we said “fool” we were¬†right on.
What surprised us the most?
– Everything that happened from 8:30 PM until 3:30 AM this morning.

Some other thoughts to ponder this AM.
What will the Presidential picture look like in the oval office next January?
– This was the first time all living ex Presidents from both parties were against one candidate.
– Carter, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama will gather with Trump.
– Who smiles besides Trump?
Speaking of the oval office wouldn’t it be a good idea to give VP Pence an office inside it?
Where does Trump build his Presidential library?
– One of my kids suggested on our side of the Mexican wall.
What is Bill Clinton’s reaction this AM as he awakens to the knowledge that Hillary will be home with him everyday now?
That neighbor of Bill, the one they call the “Energizer Bunny”, is she the second biggest loser of the night?
Will there be an increase in the plumbing profession now that we are Draining Swamps?
If you know anyone leaving for Canada tell they should arrange a car pool to save the environment and expenses. Show them you care.
Van Jones the CNN commentator asked this AM, “How do I explain this to my kids.”
– Just tell them Americans voted they’ll understand that.
As for the media as a whole. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Nice job.

So much to consider and think about now.


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