With five days it’s ……


Well the Cubs won the World Series. Anything can happen.

So where are we? Depends on which media you read and watch.
She is either the most corrupt person ever to run and will be indicted.
Or, she is the most qualified and ready person ever to run.

Can Trump really win? I think his odds are improving. It is probably up to a 35% chance today. Three weeks ago he was closer to 10%.

This week we said it appeared to be a 294 – 244 electoral vote. We had moved Florida, Ohio and Iowa to him. North Carolina is still a toss up but looking a little better for him. If he can pull that one off he gets to 259.  He made progress in Nevada (4) and has a real shot there too. So he is edging closer to a possibility. His next best shot just might be Colorado (9) Let’s watch the polls there. Maybe he can find a way without Pa. or Va.

Polls today:
ABC has Clinton up again today. She is +2 in that poll. (Trump at 45)
CBS has a new poll out and they say Clinton by 3. (Trump at 42)
IBD says it is a tie. 44% each.
Rasmussen has Trump up 3 today. (Trump at 45).
Economist has Clinton by 3. (Trump at 43).
The LATimes has Trump up 5. (Trump at 48).
Real Clear Politics has Hillary’s lead up to 2.2%. A half point gain.

The Hillary surrogates are all out today across the country.
Trump, his family and Pence are alone out there against that.
Hillary’s ground game could be the big difference. She has a powerful one led by the Democratic party and the Obama one from 2008 and 12.

Stay tuned today for leaks from the FBI investigation. There appears to be a group that believes the DOJ and up, are trying to cover up the Clinton email and foundation mess. They appear angry and frustrated, with stories emerging. There may be one great cover up going on that no matter who wins is going to result in ongoing inquiries. Underlying it all is, did Obama know about the server and was he communicating with her there. If so, his DOJ, who used to be non partial, may be trying to stop investigations for a reason. Plus there is a report that Hillary’s server was hacked five times with a 99% certainty. If that gets confirmed it’s big news.

Now the estimate is 27 million have voted. That would be 40% of the total vote count in 2012. So how much can things be impacted by bombshells now?

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