Buckle up for the next 7 days ….


Seven days to the day, except of course if you’re one of the 20 million who already voted. Now why was that a good idea again?
With all I expect to occur this week I wouldn’t recommend anyone do anything until the day they call “election day”.

The polls this AM show:
ABC has Clinton up 1. (Same as yesterday) Trump is at a high here with 45
IBD has Clinton up 1 (Down 1 from yesterday) Trump is at 44
Rasmussen has Clinton up 3. (That’s plus 3 from Friday). Trump at 42.

Notice that Trump still has never led in this race and hasn’t cracked 45%.

The Clinton camp keeps pounding Comey and the FBI. They want him to release all he has, knowing full well he can’t while he is investigating. But united they try to make the FBI the enemy. The ever untruthful Harry Reid was out yesterday saying “Comey may have broken the law”. The same Harry Reid who went to the senate chamber (because you cannot be sued for what you say in the chamber) to say “The word is out, Romney did not pay taxes”. He knew he was lying and when asked about it later said “well he didn’t win did he”. Hillary and team, you want the truth out? Okay, put Huma before the cameras. She can answer questions. Let her release the emails they want the FBI too. She knows what’s on her home server and what her husband had access to. She knows what she did. Go ahead get it out there. While she’s at it, why doesn’t Hillary join her you too. Take it on, go ahead. You want transparency, act upon it. We’ll all watch.

This AM a number of Democrats joined Harry Reid in calling for prosecution of Jim Comey for violating the Hatch Act. Imagine, they want the man they called the most honest in America to be locked up because he thinks Hillary might be a crook. You couldn’t make this up. By the way where were they and Harry saying this when AG Lynch and met with President Clinton on the tarmac?

Can you imagine where we might end up here. If Hillary wins, she will be elected while under FBI criminal investigation. Our President elect will be moving toward January 20th while the FBI finishes its work. No matter the outcome, half the country will be convinced she is a criminal. Would Obama pardon her for the good of the country? Would people accept that? Would Obama pardon Huma and everyone else involved to “get this behind us”? Can a President be impeached for something they did before she was elected? Can she pardon herself? Would she pardon Huma and others? Can the country take all that? Would it accept it? Would you?

And I repeat, twenty million people already voted. The best estimate is she is ahead in the early vote by 15%. We need voter reform alright.

By the way, if you were Huma and were now facing real charges and probable jail time what would you do? You were working for someone who set up the server. You supported her. You did your job, loyally. You have a small child and now you face jail time. Do you just go to jail or do you offer to cooperate and tell the truth for a guarantee of no jail time? Do you trust the Clintons will be with you until the end? That they won’t  sell you out? Or do you protect yourself?

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