Around the bend they come …



So we come around the final bend and who knows what next week holds.

Here’s what the polls say Sunday morning:
– ABC says it’s Clinton by 1. (An 11 point Trump gain one week)
– IBD says it’s Clinton by 2 (it was 4 yesterday)
– The LATimes has Trump by 2
So close.
This reflects Trump voters returning and his getting back to 43-45 range Hillary dropping to the 44 -46 range.

The NYTimes headline today is this:
Hillary Clinton Assails James Comey, Calling Email Decision ‘Deeply Troubling’.
That is also the attack mode of her team on the Sunday AM shows. The man they once called a saint is now the devil.

However, Hillary Clinton has no one to blame but herself. As those of you old enough to remember a show Dragnet, “Just The Facts Madam, just the facts”
Hillary you were the one set up a private server to hide your emails
You were the one who stonewalled when it was discovered
You were the one who lied about it and the devices used
You were the one who after being subpoenaed deleted 33,000 emails
You were the one who Bleach Bit your machine to assure no recovery
You were the one who smashed, destroyed and lost the other devices
You were the one who denied ever having classified material on devices
You were the one who celebrated the FBI Director not charging you
You were the one who hired Huma to be your chief of staff
You were the one who allowed her access to the documents
You are responsible for her having documents on her home computer
Mrs Clinton it was your action, your cover up, your stone walling that has created this mess. You owe it not the FBI.
Now you want everything released? Really?
Oh and you want it immediately! I see.
And you continued lying on Friday telling the nation the FBI letter went to only Republican leaders. Nice try.

With nine days to go who knows what each side has ready to hit the other with. Campaigns usually save the best for last and I am sure these two have. What a week ahead.

As for the 20 million who have already voted my only comment is this. I think early voting months in advance is ridiculous and a scam. More on that another day, but if you ever on trial, make sure you don’t have one of those 20 million on the jury. They make judgements way before the facts are in.

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