Drip, drip…. BOOM!


Just a few quick Saturday AM thoughts.

Jim Comey the darling of Hillary and the Democrats is now a what? Wow, how things change.

Yesterday AM Hillary was picking her cabinet. Oh she liked Joe Biden for Secretary of State. (Forget he has been wrong on foreign policy his entire career). By the afternoon she was hiding Huma and demanding something foreign to her. Transparency from the FBI.

What this means we’ll see. The emails are to and from Huma, My gut is Huma is in big trouble. She may be headed for a cell next to her Mr. Weiner. If she had classified documents on her home server she is done. The emails better be the wedding and yoga ones Hillary talked about. Will the emails touch Hillary, that we don’t know.

Some polls this AM. You’ll find this funny:
The ABC poll is now down to Hillary plus 2. Isn’t ABC touting that Trump comeback from 12 down Sunday?
The LATimes has Trump plus 2.
IBD (most accurate four years ago) has Hillary plus 3.

Let’s see what the weekend brings.

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