And down the stretch we come …


And down the stretch we come as the polls now all show a tighter race.

Congratulations to ABC, who on Sunday AM and their shows touted a 12 point Clinton lead. We questioned that poll and the noise they made with it. Well on Tuesday they said it was down to 9. On Thursday they said it was it 6. This morning they caught up to us and said it was 4.
Now if they touted 12 as right, shouldn’t they be talking about the unbelievable Trump comeback that is now down to 4? Did you hear it?

Polls released this AM show the following:
LATimes has Trump by 2
IBD has Clinton by 3
ABC as noted has Clinton by 4
Gravis has Clinton by 1

We think it’s still Clinton by 4, but it could move lower over the weekend if Trump stays away from controversy to feed the MSM, and they are forced to cover the Wiki Leakes information.

Can Trump win and what’s that inside straight we referenced yesterday? It’s this:
He has to win all the states Romney did which means holding places like:
North Carolina, Arizona, Utah, Georgia. In two of these he trails today.
That would give him 206 electoral votes. So he then needs to add:
Florida (he is down today) and Ohio for 47 more. That gets him to 253
From there he needs to add 17. Where does he get it from? His best shots:
Iowa (6) a toss up today. Nevada (6) where he is down.
Where he gets the rest from I don’t know. He is well behind in these:
NH (4), Pa (20), WI (10), Co (9), MI (16), ME (4)
So an inside straight in this case is winning the Romney states he trails in, adding the toss up states, and finding at least two more he is behind in. That’s ten states falling his way above. Twenty per-cent of the nation.

Keep watch this weekend on:
Trump’s words and hope he stays scripted and doesn’t get baited by the Clinton campaign or MSM.
The Wiki Leakes details that emerge and if they have held the most damaging for last.
What, if anything, the Clinton machine has to release on Trump.
The polls and if they tighten from the four point gap today.
If they do, is Trump getting to that 45 number and over it.
You’ll be able to tell how it’s going by the MSM coverage and reactions.

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