Is Something Happening?


Do you get the feeling that Trump is recovering somewhat? We do too. We see the race as Hillary by 5 now and Trump going all out in key states.

Polls today. IBD and Rasmussen have Clinton by 1. LATimes has Trump +1.

Don’t you wonder how ABC can continue to tout its 12 point Hillary lead?

The bad news for Trump is in every poll he never cracks that ceiling we noted earlier of 45%. If he were to win he would have hit that 45 while she drops to 44. He has not built upon his base. That feeling of momentum now is those who left coming back, not an expansion.

Did you see the Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich battle last night? Liberals will tout her position, while conservatives will support him. It was something to watch. What will not be covered is that the discussion began with her previous interview with Mike Pence. She went after Pence hard about Trump and women. He (Pence) looked surprised and parried the questions. When it ended I was convinced he would not be back on her show ever.

Wiki Leakes releases continue daily. Some are startling and it’s a wonder the MSM won’t cover it as they should. It turns out Obama who learned about the private server when the news media story came out actually corresponded with Hillary on it for a long time. Considering he learns so many things from the media breaking the story isn’t it a shame they don’t their job as they should?

13 days to election day.


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