Two weeks …..


Two weeks from today we’ll be voting at this time. It will be all over.

Daily tracking polls today came together. LATimes, IBT and Rasmussen have Hillary up 1.
NBC poll today says Hillary up 5.

From the outset we have forecast an electoral landslide. Our projections:
Hillary – 323  Trump 202
As relayed often the senate goes Democratic with a presidential win.

MSM continues to not cover Wiki Leakes or video tapes that actually have operatives saying Hillary was involved and approving their activity. The MSM impacted this election.

Over the next two weeks Hillary will have her team out in force. Obama, Michelle, Biden, Bill and others. They will go to key areas to push hard. Trump has none of that and his leaders have run from him. Big advantage for her in local state coverage.

Her ground game to drive vote is another huge advantage. They register more people, get them to vote early and drive things. He has far less with limited support from the party.

Today’s issue review is immigration and the hole Trump put himself in with promising to deport 12 million people. It drove hispanic votes against him. It may help in a Republican primary but it destroys in the general election. If he had adopted the position we gave him he might have reversed this. It was:

We will deport those who are criminals and drug dealers.
Those who are here illegally and want to stay must register and go on the list of those who want to come legally.
You go on the bottom of the list so as to not have an illegal action trump a person who has tried legally to come.
You can stay if you pay taxes, do not commit crimes and await your turn on the list.
You break the law, you are gone.
Lock up the border so we control input from here on in.
No more sanctuary cities.

Then salute America as the place we build walls, not to keep our people in, but to manage all those wanting to come.

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