Three weeks and a day


My instinct is that Hillary is up six at this point, but the polls can really confound you. I continue to wonder how major and respected organizations can be so diverse in their numbers.  On this day:
— ABC says that Hillary is up 12
— The LATimes says she is up 1
— While Rasmussen says Trump is up 2
— And Investors Daily says it’s a tie
So take your choice.  I say it’s Clinton by 6.

The MSM is catching up to the Senate switchover coming. As reported earlier Illinois and Wisconsin are lost. Indiana is going. New Hampshire looks bad. Missouri, Pennsylvania and North Carolina are true toss ups. Four losses changes the senate with a Democratic win.

Now I will also tell you first. In 2018 the senate will revert back to Republican leadership. There are 23 Democratic seats up and only 8 Republican ones.

A story that will not get much MSM coverage is the one of Terry McAuliffe the Democratic governor of Virginia. McAuliffe was Clinton’s campaign manager in 1996, a true political hack. (Remember earlier this year he gave all released felons the right to vote). He was the person who “loaned” the Clintons the money to buy their house when they left the White House “flat broke’. Well it turns out he gave $467,000 from his Super Pac and another $207,000 from the Democratic party to the election campaign of someone running for state senate in Virginia. Sounds like a lot? Well the candidate just happened to be the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s email use.
With the Clintons and their friends it never ends.

One last thought. I heard a number of times this weekend, like she did in the debate, Hillary say “I was in the situation room while we were getting Osama Bin Laden and Donald ….” Mr Trump should have and can still respond to this. I would have said:
Mrs. Secretary you came to office inheriting an eight year commitment to get Bid Laden. It was a promise the American people made the minute the planes hit the towers. When we saw 3,000 of our fellow citizens murdered and some having their last best option in life to be jumping from the 112th floor, we made a vow to get the people who did this. You took office eight years into the search. You simply continued it. You didn’t go on the raid, you didn’t find him, you approved the plan we were committed to. You were First Lady when Bid Laden set up camp, built an army, made the plans and had committed numerous acts against our citizens already. Things like the attack on the USS Cole. If you and your husband had taken the actions you should have, history would be different. Did you learn anything from that? Apparently not, you then watched as ISIS was formed and has committed the acts they have. Now we should elect you, why? Because you sat in the situation room? How about avoiding the situation?

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