All that is left …


All that is left now is the official crowning of our first former First Lady as  President.

Hillary closed the third debate showing her mastery of issues, facts and diversion. She may be wrong on issues, but she has mastered countering the attack.

Back during the Republican primaries this blog warned that Hillary would destroy Trump in the one on one debates. Consider this, they entered debate one close to even. With each encounter she widened her lead. It will happen again with this one. He simply refuses to prepare and master the issues. His too large ego allows him to think he can just go out there and he can’t. Think how Gov. Pence handled the abortion issue in the VP debate. He touched your heart and won the moment. Now think how Trump took the opportunity and clumsily moved around it.

I think the post books and analysis will say the debates helped destroy Trump. I bet Trump’s people (and he himself) says he wanted to be unfettered, and mentions how the Reagan people needed to “let Reagan be Reagan”. The difference is Reagan knew what he was talking about. Trump unleashed is no Reagan. A far cry.

Last night as in the other debates Hillary was able to maneuver around explosive issues. She made Wiki Leakes releases about Russia and tied it back to Trump. She called Trump a puppet of Putin. You know humor wins. Did one time in three debates Trump turn and say anything about Hillary’s red button and the fact she put the wrong word on it to boot? If said right it would have made her look foolish, as her entire foreign policy has proven to be. Yet, he had the chance to go after her and failed. Did you hear Benghazi from him? Was he prepared to answer her charges that he is against women? Saying “no one has more respect for women than me” is not an answer. If he had prepared he could have said how the Trump Corporation pays women more than men and the Clinton foundation pays men far more than women. “Madam secretary, once again words are one thing, facts are another”. Imagine being aggressive with those facts. With Wiki Leakes all he had to say is that he is appalled they hacked the administration and her staff, and this must stop; however they are out there and it does not take away from the content. Instead he let her maneuver him to being a Russian supporter.

The fact he wouldn’t support the American way and say he would accept the decision of the people is ridiculous. He could have said, “of course I will accept the decision, but if there is any foul play I will expose it”.  He can’t say or do that because his ego is too big.

As a reader of this blog you get the idea and understand the issues he had available. Instead his lack of experience with debates, prep for them and dedication to learning the issues led to his defeat. He let his supporters down. Readers know we are not surprised and warned of this.

All that is left is the extent of the damage.

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