The Final Debate


Hard for us to get excited about the debate tonight. The drama of the election has been long over. In fact the Democrats have diverted dollars from the Presidency race to the Senate and Congress. They want to win there.

It seems like the media is catching up to our analysis that this is over. The polls have done nothing but widen and our early prediction that the Senate goes too is looking right.

Everything that has gone on for the past year has led to this. Consider this an early post analysis.
The Republicans nominated the one candidate Hillary could beat easily.
Trump has no filter and his ego gets in the way of every message.
His lack of association with real people lets him think everyone thinks like him. So he shoots unfiltered off the cuff.
Good enough to win a Republican nomination, but a far cry from appealing to the rest of the country.
We said months ago he lost this election when he rode down the escalator of Trump Tower and called Hispanics names. He never recovered with that key group he needed.
We said he was capped at 40-45%. He never got past that, nor did he appeal to do so.
His personal history and actions with woman were a red flag that should have come out in the primaries and denied him then.
He could never win with that background and actions about to be exposed.
He never united his own party, choosing instead to fight them. Sometimes you have to eat crow for a greater goal. He never learned that.
He never convinced people he had the temperament to be President.
Any possible focus on Hillary’s issues were drowned out by his outlandish behavior.

So tonight’s debate is anti climatic for us. Nothing he can do can reverse the decision the American public has made. You have a chance to make an impression, and he made his. When the dust settles the Republicans will be soundly romped and more of a minority party than ever.

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