Three Weeks Out


No changes in any projections or outlook with three weeks to go.

We don’t see any way tomorrow’s debate can change anything.

We hear the Clinton camp has a doozy of a video ready to go out on Trump. Do you think it’s possible? Probable? We do, Drip, drip, drip.

Does Hillary really need all this time to prepare for the debate or is it just rest? We think the latter and that issue is avoided in the MSM.

Will Wiki Leakes release some real damaging Clinton emails? We think they will. But not enough to offset the planned Clinton drops on Trump.

Polls range from pro Clinton 2 to 12. We still believe it is about a 6 point lead. Remember when Obama beat McCain badly and swept in the senate and house? That was 6 points. He beat Romney by 4.

Did you hear Trump say he may meet with Putin before he is sworn in? Dumb, dumb dumb. We have one president, one foreign policy at a time. He is feeding the story about him and Russia.

Did you see that the story where the FBI accused Hillary of stealing furniture from the state department for her home in Washington? After leaving the White House and having the $200,000 issue would she really do this? There’s separate rules for the Clintons.

Here’s a link to an interview this AM with Ed Klein the author of Guilty as Sin. The MSM won’t talk to him, but the end of this interview is most interesting.



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